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Beautiful Burn – Review

Maddox Brothers – DONE! Check Mark. Complete. Finished. And what a story! What a ride. And a lotta Maddox. Travis will still be my favourite with Thomas coming up to a close second. Although it may be blasphemous for me to say this, I’m glad it’s over. I think I’ve had enough Maddox to last […]

Red Hill – Review

For those of you that don’t know, (not that you would), I am not really into zombies. I think I’ve only seen maybe three zombie movies, played a handful of zombie themed video games, and I’ve only seen maybe the first two episodes of The Walking Dead. I’m just not into zombies. Reading Red Hill […]

Beautiful Sacrifice – Review

Here we are with another Maddox Brother Novel! We finally meet with one of the twins, Taylor, who’s finally met his match with Falyn Fairchild. It seems the way to attract a Maddox boy is to want nothing to do with them. Either ignore them or push them away. I don’t know how this method […]

Something Beautiful – Promo Tour

We’re celebrating the release of Something Beautiful by Jamie McGuire! Add to Goodreads Buy Links Amazon | iTunes | Paperback Synopsis America Mason, a sassy undergrad at Eastern State University, is in love with a Maddox–Shepley Maddox. Unlike his cousins, Shepley is more lover than fighter, but a road trip to her parents’ home in […]

Beautiful Redemption – Review

DEM MADDOX BOYS! That’s it. That’s all I have to say and want to say about Beautiful Redemption and Thomas Maddox. Holy mother freaking emm geee!!! What the hell? Move over Travis Maddox, because there’s a new love in my life and his name is Thomas! *swoon* Travis Maddox (Beautiful Disaster) changed the face of […]

Beautiful Oblivion – Review

I am literally writing this review, maybe a minute, or some seconds after finishing this book.  At first I was EXTREMELY CONFLICTED when starting this book. I hadn’t read any teasers, knew nothing about it, I just knew that I had to pick the next book that had to do with the Maddox Brothers. At […]

A Beautiful Wedding – Review

I can’t tell you how excited I was when I heard about this book/novella! When the announcement went up I was like… O___________O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve missed Abby and Travis like crazy! All of Travis’ brothers, Shepley and America, GOD it feels like forever, especially since the Beautiful Disaster series were the first two books I ever reviewed. […]

Walking Disaster – Review

“One of these days you’re going to fall in love, son. Don’t settle for just anyone. Choose the girl that doesn’t come easy, the one you have to fight for, and then never stop fighting, Never” Seriously? SERIOUSLY!? 3 pages in. Literally on page 3. I was pretty much just like “TAKE MY EMOTIONS, JUST […]

Beautiful Disaster – Review

I know this book has been out for a while and EVERYONE has already written their reviews for it… Well too bad I’m writing my own because I’m going to start writing reviews for books I’m currently reading. So far, from what I can remember, I haven’t felt such a roller coaster of emotions during […]