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It Ends With Us – Review

I can’t. I just can’t. This book was so much. You just have to read it. It was just so emotional and I think because I was in an emotional place that it hit me hard. But this book was worth the wait. If I have to say anything, it’s that, “You always deserve the […]

November 9 – Review

So far, I haven’t read a Colleen Hoover novel that has disappointed me. Sure some were, in my opinion, better than others, but that didn’t mean they didn’t all touch me in some way. Out of all of her books, so far, November 9 is my favourite. This may be due to a bias because […]

This Girl – Review

Rewrite. Because my stupid self deleted the original in thinking that I’d posted it already. Note: This review will not be as good as I have to write it from memory. Here’s the final book that ends Colleen Hoover’s wonderful debut series, the Slammed series, and let me say it definitely hits you in the […]

Point of Retreat – Review

Okay kinda a spoiler, but not really, but kinda, but I mean….COME ON!? ARE YOU SERIOUS!? Like after everything they went through in the first book you really can’t cut these two some slack can you? Don’t get me wrong, I loved Point of Retreat as a follow-up book, it hit all the right places […]

Slammed – Review

COLLEEN HOOVER’S DEBUT NOVEL! I know what you’re thinking… What took me so long to pick up this amazing series by this amazing author? Honestly, looking back I think I was into reading other books when I first found out about her and just hadn’t gotten around to it because of commitments to other books. […]

Confess – Review

While reading Colleen Hoover’s newest novel, Confess, I found myself trying to come up with one word to describe how I felt. It wasn’t till I was a little more than halfway that one word finally stuck out. Frustrated. Before you get all excited or angry thinking I was frustrated that the book was bad, […]

Finding Cinderella – Review

Well, that was the first time I’d ever finished a book in a day. Granted, it was a novella and only 130 pages. It just goes to show that even extremely talented authors like Colleen Hoover can write something amazing in just over a hundred pages. Finding Cinderella was a wonderfully enjoyable short read. It’s […]

Losing Hope – Review

WORD OF ADVICE: I suggest you do not read this book immediately after you finishing Hopeless. I found that reading this book immediately after the first book confused me a little. A lot of time was spent trying to remember details and going back and forth between Sky’s point of view and Holder’s. Maybe it’s […]

Hopeless – Review

After reading only three out of eight of Colleen Hoover’s books I seem to have noticed a pattern. The following may be criticized as a negative comment, but I assure you it’s just an observation. Hoover’s books are REALLY SERIOUS. With the exception that Maybe Someday, so far I’ve found the books to be somewhat emotionally […]

Ugly Love – Review

Alright. Here we go. Fastest review ever. Are you ready? Okay. HO-MY-GOD! That was the most serious thing I’d read in so long. Ugly Love is and has to be one of the most PAINFULLY BEAUTIFUL novels I’ve read, and can recall. I really don’t feel like anything more needs to be said. Painfully Beautiful […]