Feversong – Review

12446825HOLY GEEZ!
I finally finished this book!
Granted I read it super slowly and read EVERY SINGLE WORD and clung to those words like I would never read another amazing book by Karen ever again!
I don’t even know if I have the words in me to write this review…because…WHAT!?

*Unconventional Book Review Coming*


Feversong was everything I wanted in a series Finale.
Granted there was a lot unanswered but there was still a lot that I enjoyed about this epic series conclusion.
That is the only way to describe this final book, Epic.

What I love the most is that with multiple POVs I find it sometimes difficult for authors to differentiate between voices, but Moning does this so well and so effortlessly even without seeing the name in the beginning of the chapter you can tell who’s POV it is. (Although I will admit seeing Dani or Jada in the POV name threw me off a little bit…just a bit…tiny bit).
I also find it a little funny that Mac is always written in first person but everyone is written in third, just a funny little observation.
I mean I sort of miss the old books when it was just all Mac’s POV but I have a special place for Dani in my heart and especially now that she’s older and opening herself up more to all these emotions….she’s just so much more rounded out as a character and I absolutely LOVED reading this Dani/Jada way better than in Burned, (she wasn’t terrible in Feverborn but I definitely like this conclusion better).

This book was probably one of the most INTENSE books I’ve ever read. Not intense in terms of suspenseful, but it was intense in the sense that you were reading the book and thought, “Wow it’s really almost over”. (Not the book but I can’t give spoilers because I try to write spoiler free reviews). Essentially, Moning does something in this series that I’m just not used to an author doing and she is brave and so bold for doing it! (Again, can’t tell you what but it has something to do with “the end of the world”, that’s all I’m going to say).


Author Karen Marie Moning

I felt like Mac, Dani/Jada, Barrons, and Ryodan were the most rounded out characters in this series conclusion, although I hope to see more of them I’m ready to see what else Moning has in store. There is so much room for more material that I’m excited to see what she has in store for us next.



I would also like to give Karen Marie Moning the HONOUR of actually making me cry while reading a book. This has never happened before!
(I mean I was also in a bad place emotionally but reading one scene… Yeah I teared up in public. So overwhelming emotions plus Moning’s book, yeah that did it.) Congratz Karen, I finally cried while reading something.

My heart feels so full reading this book and watching this series come to an end, because it really was an amazing conclusion. There is still so much story left to tell which is why I’m excited, but I didn’t feel like this book ended on a cliffy.
I honestly can’t say anything about this book, it was just so amazing, just perfection. And Epic ending to an Epic series.

Thank you Karen Marie Moning, for just….an AMAZING RIDE!

5/5 Hearts of Love


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