Clickbait – Review

Clickbait Cover**ARC received in exchange for an honest review**

First Review of 2017!
(Because I will read anything Lisa Suzanne writes, and because I absolutely love her books and promised her a review. And when do I not review her books.)

In the middle of reading the ARC of her newest novel “Clickbait” I had to pause, get on Facebook and message her.
I said something along the lines of,
“I know you hear this a lot, but I fecking love your books.”
And I’m sure it’s a great feeling for an author to hear but praise needs to be given when raise is due.
Honestly if I could message authors all the time (I don’t spam people lol ) I would message them while I’m reading and give them play by plays of me reading their novel.
“Clickbait” is Suzanne’s first Romantic Comedy and while I didn’t think it was very funny I still found there to be a lot of love, romance, and smirking moments reading about the romance and the struggles of Courtney Sanders and Carter King.

In the sunny land of San Diego there is an infamous blogger named Courtney Sanders who runs a very successful relationship blog.
During one very uneventful day at the beach trouble strikes…
Trouble coming in the form of a wet puppy in the care of one Carter King. Tall, Handsome, and Abs for Days! Courtney is immediately struck by him but is put off by his attitude. Capital D and Capital B.
But upon learning he is the son of a very successful and wealthy company she decides that perhaps he can advance her career in the media world so she agrees to go out with him.
Just as they start to get close Courtney realizes that maybe she’s completely wrong about Carter and his abs, maybe he’s actually not such a bad guy.
But when he goes to New York for an event she stumbles upon something she may not have meant to, and her entire relationship with Carter is questioned and jeopardized. So what does she do?
She writes about it on her Blog.

I can’t say this enough but I wish I could write these reviews immediate after I finish reading (and sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t/can’t depending on location. And writing on my phone is hard).
But feelings are way more raw and immediate when you write right away and not a day or so after you finish reading the book.

Out of all the female protagonists Suzanne has written about I think I identify with this character the most. One thing Courtney Sanders certainly is, is that she is feisty, she has attitude and she’s possibly quite stubborn. You meet a hot guy and they use a cheesy line on you, I’d definitely be laughing at them and saying, “Does this really work for you?” It’s not like me to fall for a line like that and Courtney doesn’t either.
She’s extremely successful for her age, independent and also doesn’t take crap from anyone. She’s passionate, driven and is quite the sex-fiend and not ashamed to admit it.

One of the things that was kind of…not a turn off but more of a, “REALLY GIRL!?” moment was the fact that she wrote about her love life and posted it online. (Obviously this is just part of the story and ultimately the author’s decision but it just….made me cringe). Being part of the ‘millennial’ age group and quite savvy with social media, I can say with 100% certainty that posting EVERYTHING about your love life is going to 100% backfire. Sure it…sort of worked out for her but there are so many drawbacks… Nothing is private, nothing is special, and yeah you’re not using last names for confidentiality purposes etc etc but people don’t want to be written about on the internet. I just wasn’t entirely comfortable with the subject she was blogging about (not to mention the slander against these people). BUT AGAIN! It’s all fiction and the author’s subject to write about.

As for our male lead, Carter King… MMM…
Nah he’s pretty good the way he is.
I mean sure he’s got awesome abs *coughunrealisticcough* JK, but at the same time I like how he is flawed, though I won’t say how.
Let me tell you, he may seem perfect but someone’s flaws are also what make them human. So good on you Suzanne for making someone I think is believable!

“Oh? When and where are you taking me out?”
He walks over to my side of the bed and reaches out his hand to help me up. “Tomorrow.”
I stand. “And what if I have plans tomorrow?”
He moves in close to me, his face inches from mine. “You’ll cancel them.”

One other comment I have about this book is it doesn’t really follow the usual mountain climbing novel formula (I mean it does but in an odd way). Let me explain what I mean.
In most novels you start by climbing the metaphorical mountain, everything is going great, and then you hit the climax and then BOOM – Problem arises, and then everything sucks as you come down from the mountain, but when you’re back on the ground things start to look better.
What does this have to do with “Clickbait”, well – I felt like the climax happened super early. That the characters got together fairly quickly and the climax happened practically in the middle of the book.
But this also left a lot of time for conflict which you don’t see very often. I enjoyed seeing a character who was flawed and stubborn and stuck to her gut that it seemed to drag out the conflict longer than it had to. And I enjoyed seeing the main character (Courtney) have to grow and figure things out on her own.
This formula seems more like a small cliff than a mountain haha.

Overall a very quick and easily enjoyable novel.
I love that Suzanne writes Stand Alones rather than series (yes Lisa, I said it).
Stand-alones are great because they don’t require too much commitment.
And the great thing about Suzanne’s novels is that she writes so well that you never want to put her books down. Easily devoured in one sitting if I could, and extremely enjoyable.

“I think it’s lucky to meet a person who completes you, no matter what. If it takes two months or ten years to develop, it has to be pure luck to find someone you like enough to spend the rest of your life with them.”

4.5/5 Hearts of Love

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