Her Halloween Treat – Review

9781460336335webLet me start by saying I have never red one of those mini, red, Harlequin romance novels, ever.
The only reason I’ve read this one (and will read the remaining ones in the series) is because they were written by Tiffany Reisz, and she is my IDOL! (Maybe that’s not the right word but I will read almost anything she writes that comes out on paperback because I like having my own personal library).
Sure these books are…pretty generic romances, but the way the characters interact is very cute and flirtatious and it just puts a smile on my face.
Oh yeah and the sex is pretty good too.

How would you feel if the man you’d been dating for the last two years turned out to be married.
Yeah. You would run.
And that’s that Joey Silvia did. From Hawaii all the way home to Oregon for her brother’s wedding. Arriving a little early she was surprised to find a handyman in the cottage she was supposed to be staying in. It wasn’t just a handyman though, it was a smoking hot handyman, and it was her high school friend Chris Steffensen, that she hadn’t seen in ten years.
Now before she left for Oregon, her best friend Kira gave her a bit of advice.
The best way to get over a guy was to get under another one.

I mean there isn’t much to say about a mass paperback, two hundred page romance novel.
There’s not much to it.
There’s not much time for character development or emotional connection, just….quick sex scenes and the climax/problem and the solution and boom done.
Like I said, I didn’t read this book for its literary masterpiece, but literally just because Tiffany Reisz wrote it.
(Yes, I’m a nut).

“You’re looking at this choice like it’s right versus wrong. It’s not right versus wrong. It’s right versus left. You’re at a crossroads. You can go left or right…both are good options. That’s why it’s so hard to decide. If this was a choice between right and wrong, it would be easy.”

Author Tiffany Reisz

Author Tiffany Reisz

But all in all, it was sexy, and I did enjoy it, and yes, even though I’m getting a little bit tired of romance novels, I still do want what those characters have. Maybe not…..as quick, but real love, sure love, one that makes you laugh and feels certain and is warm and of course good sex is always a bonus right.

I mean there’s not much to say, read it or not, it’s a quick one-shot read if you’re into quick romances.
Her Original Sinners Series is much better though.

3/5 Hearts of Love

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