Becoming Rain – Review

1436344587becomingraincoverIt took me a little longer to finish this book in comparison to the first because I was on vacation and didn’t have much time for reading.
At first I didn’t think I would like this novel because of the typical cop/target romance story, but the more I read it the more it grew on me. I love when that happens, when stories and books, movies and songs grow on you.
The first novel in the series was a little more suspenseful for me, but this one was a great follow-up.
(Plus, I liked the fact that the main character, Rain/Clara, was twenty-six, and Luke was twenty-four. Can we have more books where the characters are in their mid to late twenties please?).

Luke Boone has gotten everything he needed in life presented to him on a silver platter by his Uncle Rust. Now he’s about to inherit more than the garage he’s been working at for years. There are dangerous things in play that Luke doesn’t know about, but his uncle is sure he can handle them and can carry on with the family business. Except the family business isn’t strictly speaking legal.
Clara Bertelli has been going undercover, trying to get Luke’s attention but with no success.
Eventually she tries a different tactic and the two spark a very dangerous friendship that could lead to blowing up in Clara’s face. This could be the biggest bust of her career and could open doors for her. And one thing she is often told not to do was to fall in love with her target.

One EXTREMELY MINOR criticism I have about this book and perhaps this series was that the story was kind of long and sort of dragged on.
I mean I liked the detail and the easy pace of the book, but there comes to a point where it just becomes too much.
Where is the line drawn between, too long, and just enough?
I’m not a real author so I can’t say, so I was on the fence with this book despite having enjoyed it a great deal.
Perhaps its not fair to say that because the first book was around the same length but I found it didn’t feel as long. Maybe because you were jumping between two POVs and being in the past and in the present which is what made it interesting. In this book it was just like you were watching a cop show. (These book would make a great TV show though).

Maybe it’s because I’ve read so many of these books in my several years of reviewing, or maybe I’m just bitter, but I’m a little bit tired of the guy with perfect bodies.
Maybe I’m just in that point of my life and reading career that wishing for someone like that isn’t realistic (not that I thought that before), but perhaps I’m just not as attracted to it anymore.
Looks are important but they aren’t everything.
Appearances aside though, Luke seemed like a real genuine sweet and flirty kind of guy (if only I didn’t suck at flirting).
He cared about his appearance, about his job, about being a good person – he was just put in bad situations that were out of his control. But Luke genuine loved and cared for Rain and that’s one of the best things to have – someone who loves you for you and to be there for you no matter what.

“You’re perfect. Almost too perfect … Sometimes I wonder if you’re even real.”
I close my eyes with his words, as his mouth finds my collarbone. I am real. At least, parts of who he’s seen are. And this is real, what’s happening between us right now.”

Author K. A. Tucker

Author K. A. Tucker

Clara/Rain was put in a very complicated position but handled it better than most.
I wonder how I would act under that kind of pressure…to be fake and lie and to not say how you really felt. I mean she had a wire on! Like almost the entire time. Imagine what kind of pressure that is – to make sure you don’t say something inappropriate. Rain was put in some difficult positions but she handled it pretty well.

In the end, the only thing that may have made little sense to me cause I might have read it too fast, was the ending, maybe the last….twentyish pages or so. But I think that was just me.

Everyone got what they wanted in the end and that’s what mattered.

Can’t wait to read the rest of the series, especially the last book since there’s an Asian on the cover 😛

4/5 Hearts of Love

Becoming Rain
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