Burying Water – Review

burying-water-9781476774183_hrI blame the lack of emotions I feel recently on medication (yes, I’m blaming them).
I feel like my ability to feel things just…isn’t the same – either that or I’ve just read too many books that it’s gotten harder and harder to be emotionally impressed.
One thing I admire about Burying Water is the main character’s strength and determination to survive and most past what has happened to her. You really can’t know how you’ll act or feel in her position, but Water Fitzgerald moves on, and when she does, it’s only then that she figures out who she was.

This isn’t a typical love story. It’s more about pain, loss, and the determination to survive.

After waking up in a hospital and being labelled as a Jane Doe, Jane remembers absolutely nothing about her past or who she is, not even her real name. After recovering from the terrible trauma she faced mentally and physically, she finds a home with her estranged hospital neighbour and is forced to start over. Jane becomes close with the family of the Doctor that operated on her and spends time with them almost like family while fighting the urge to get close to their son, Jesse who is apparently a bad seed.
Before she was Jane, and then became Water Fitzgerald, Jesse knew her as Alex.
She was trapped in a life she had no business being in and he’d fallen in love with her knowing full well how dangerous it was. No matter what happens, he’s determined to save her, even if it means putting his life at risk.
Love will Endure, at least that’s what he hopes.

I really wish I could feel more for this book than I do now, but it just feels really hard to put thoughts into words. I really feel like I should feel more for a story like this – how touching and also how powerful it is.

Author K. A. Tucker

Author K. A. Tucker

The Romance isn’t what attracts the reader, but the story of Water’s survival and her will to continue on living. What also got me was the mystery behind her character – obviously as the reader we know who Water is but waiting for the character and the two stories to come together is part of the suspense.

Burying Water is told in past and present style of writing, alternating voices between Jesse in the Past and Water in the Present. The most enjoyable part for me was seeing how the past bleeds into the future and how very small things can trigger your memory at a subconscious level.

The first of the Burying Water series, I thought was exceptionally well-written and a credit to author K. A. Tucker’s talent. It is very deep and full of a woman’s strength and courage. Of course having someone like Jesse helped too, but he let her figure it out on her own and gave her a chance to become her own person.

3.5/5 Hearts of Love

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