One With You – Review

One-with-You.jpgIt’s such a good feeling, being done a book series that’s been going on for years. Of course I regret not just sticking it out and reading all five books straight, but that might have been too much Gideon and Eva for me to handle, in one sitting, you know? One With You for me was, surprising, in a more interesting way than you’d expect. Like I said, ENJOYABLE is a very strong term I’d use to describe this book and I’ll just leave it for readers to make up their own interpretation.

One With You, follows the events of Captivated By You, where Gideon and Eva are trying to plan their public wedding while still trying to handle the day-to-day challenges of being married. Although he’s made some progress, Gideon Cross still has reservations about certain aspects of his personal and private life. He’s fiercely protective of Eva, will never compromise her safety, but will also protect her from himself if necessary. Eva Trammell, now Cross, while also getting used to married life and trying to plan a New York wedding in record-breaking time, faces more social challenges and trials in carrying the Cross name, as well as continuing to face the demons from her husband’s past.

Try not to take the next sentence the wrong way. (In which case I will not bold).
I felt like there was no real story, no plot, no direction.
I felt like this book was just window into Gideon and Eva’s lives, trying to tie up the knots and cover everything before ‘the end’ of the book came. Not to say there’s anything wrong in the book, but I like direction, I like there to be a point to the story, and with this one I felt there wasn’t much. Not my favourite, and the magic of it all seemed to lose its appeal (considering this was the fifth book and all).

I will never get over the love Gideon and Eva have for each other, and in that respect he has ruined me (Gideon I mean). He just loves her SO DAMN MUCH and it just makes you want to find a man who will love you that much. It’s not about the money, but the protection and how much they turn you on, how they respond to you, how you turn them on, how they make you feel, how you feel around them. Aside from all the sex they have, I love their companionship and the playfulness between them. Eva doesn’t pause to think about telling Gideon she misses and loves him, and he doesn’t stop either. Marriages and Relationships (as I’ve heard) can get….dull after a while, so it’s important to keep your partner guessing, keep them on their toes and surprise them. I would love to be with someone who told me in text message, for no reason, that he missed me and that he loved me, who the hell wouldn’t want that? And again, it’s not about the gifts or exotic locations, it’s about the love.

He engulfed me, his body so much bigger and harder. I felt safe in his embrace, cherished and protected. Nothing could touch or hurt me when he was holding me. I wanted him to feel that same sense of security with me. I needed him to know he could drop his guard, take a breath, and I could protect us both.

There were some things I wish were solved and I won’t say specifically what, but events to do with Cary, Christopher, Ireland, pretty much A LOT of the sub-cast had a lot of just….. “Okay, that’s it?” Like I would have liked to see where they all went going forward. Who knows, maybe Sylvia Day will write novellas or something in the future but to think there won’t be anymore just makes me sort of sad in a way because I do like the secondary characters and only want the best for them.

Overall, it was a solid book. Not my favourite but I’m glad it’s over.
I’m ready to move onto other things.
Thank you Gideon, Eva, and Sylvia Day, for a wonderful story.
Even though it should have only been three books.

3.5/5 Hearts of Love

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