Nuts – Review

51wLYc-MOQL__SX320_BO1,204,203,200_I was feeling a little down and a little done with the Romance genre for a while so I thought maybe reading a Rom-Com would be what I needed to cheer me up. It didn’t necessarily do that but what it did do was make me smile and laugh at some bits, which is what Rom-Coms are supposed to do, right? The narrative was cute, perky, down to earth, and funny (obviously). I definitely needed something less serious to bring my mood up a little bit.I do admit to speed-reading a bit just because I WANTED TO SEE THEM TOGETHER! AHHH!!! But Nuts is definitely a perfect quick read/one-shot to throw on your summer reading list – especially if you’re into Farm Boys. Mmmm…

After being fired from being a personal chef to a California socialite, Roxie Callahan is contacted by her mother who begs her to move back East to take care of her family’s diner while she goes away. When Roxie left home she never looked back, and home is the last place she wants to be. But jobless and with nothing better to do she takes her mother up on her offer for the summer and only for the summer. While managing the kitchen and adjusting to small town life again she bumps into, local farmer Leo Maxwell, owner of Maxwell farms as he’s making a delivery to the diner. Roxie is immediately taken by him but has to remember that she’s only there for the summer. She doesn’t do serious relationships and prays Leo will understand. I never saw the appeal of small town living, or farm boys until now.

Author Alice Clayton

Author Alice Clayton

Yes, I was into Cowboys for a very brief period but this book made me fall in love with food, working on a farm, agriculture, and just doing good work with local farms rather than just buying things at the grocery store. It had a very….aesthetic appeal to me and I don’t know why. Obviously farm work is a lot of work and hard labour and in books it’s supposed to look easy but a farm boy romance doesn’t sound like such a bad idea.

“You didn’t really bring me beets, did you?”…
“I did,” he murmured, his thumbs sliding underneath my T-shirt the tiniest bit. “I brought mad beets.”
“Oh man,” I snorted … “Did you bring me anything else?”
He brought his face back to mine, tinged with the slightest of blush. “I hesitate to say it now.”
“What did you bring?” I asked his shaking shoulders.
He buried his head once again into my neck. “A really big zucchini…”

The pace and the tone of the book is very well written and like any good Rom-Com, there are more ups than downs. Even Roxie comes off as a very positive, almost perky sort of person (maybe perky is the wrong word but she has a very good and realistic attitude on things). Sure, the romance between her and Leo may have happened too fast but WHO CARES it’s a Rom-Com! It’s not supposed to be emotional or messy, it’s supposed to be fun and dirty and swoon-worthy, which it is!

I regret reading this book a little too fast and perhaps would have liked to stay in Roxie’s head a little bit longer, but I couldn’t help it – I was just so anxious. At least there’s another book coming out soon that follows the romance of the dairy farmer, Oscar, and Roxie’s friend, Natalie. Mmm….girl….I’m jealous cause I love me some cheese

Like I said. Solid book. Solid read. Would definitely put it on your to-read list if you’re looking for an easy one-shot for a vacation or a plane ride, or a train ride, over the summer.

4/5 Hearts of Love

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