Beautiful Burn – Review

23714544Maddox Brothers – DONE!
Check Mark. Complete. Finished.
And what a story! What a ride. And a lotta Maddox.
Travis will still be my favourite with Thomas coming up to a close second.
Although it may be blasphemous for me to say this, I’m glad it’s over. I think I’ve had enough Maddox to last me a while…
Maybe let’s go back to Travis and Abby, or I just need to read their story over again.
But it’s not to say I didn’t enjoy Tyler’s story. Although after all this Maddox it does become much, a girl can’t help but be attracted to his impossibleness and devotion to the woman he loves. You’ve got to admire that in a man, that when he loves he loves forever.

Beautiful Burn concludes the Maddox Brother series ending with hot-shot, Tyler Maddox, and his very interesting relationship with once and former heiress, Ellison Edson.
Since graduating college, Ellie has had no direction in life. She spends her time drinking, partying, and doing whatever she wants. When her parents finally notice their only option is to take drastic action and cut her off in the hopes that she puts her life together.
After Ellie meets Tyler at one of her parties she warns him that their being together is a one-time thing. Too bad he doesn’t know how to listen. Tyler Maddox is attracted to her despite her protests. She’s no good for him but he doesn’t care – he knows there’s more to her. Not only is Ellie penniless, and homeless she’s also jobless, but life works in mysterious ways and throws Ellie and Tyler together and she discovers she’s worth more than what she initially thought. Now if only she could stop drinking.


Author Jamie McGuire

There are so many ways the Maddox brothers are different and so many ways they are the same.
It’s a little too much to say that once you’ve met one you’ve met them all but I think I’ve become a little biased towards Travis and Thomas. Sure they have qualities and traits that define them but you’ve got to love the similarities. Tyler, like his twin and his brothers, is…mouthy isn’t the right word but you know what I mean (like I mean it in a nice way), he’s determined, ambitious during his chase of women or more specifically Ellie, and doesn’t know when to give up. Seriously, I don’t think any of these Maddox boys know what that means. Most are qualities to admire but there are times when guys can get sort of…obnoxious.

I think what I love most about Tyler and the brothers is their COMMITMENT. They aren’t afraid of the C word.
Sure, Tyler may have screwed up things with Ellie, but he realizes his mistake and wants to strive to do better by her. It’s one thing to try to help a person but that person has to learn and to want to help themselves. Ellie is as much to blame for her reckless behaviour as he is.

“Goodbye, Ellie Edson. It’s been fun.”
“Fun Ellie is dead. All that’s left is broke-and-alone Ellie,” I teased.
Tyler stopped. “She’s not dead. Just transitioning. Like a butterfly.”
“That’s deep, Maddox.”

Speaking of Ellie… This girl. Wow. I mean. I get it, you have money, you’re bored with life, but wow.
The first little bit of the beginning I was bored and didn’t really know what was going on with this girl. But after she got some perspective and got some sense knocked into her she was pretty alright. She was the kind of girl that did whatever she wanted, had no regard for others or the consequences, and didn’t really know how to handle her emotions. (When in doubt – drink). Although there were times I admired her and had an idea of what she was going through – knowing she wasn’t good enough for Tyler and trying to push him away; you try to save people from yourself before they have a chance to hurt you, and I sort of respect that.

“To have everything and feel nothing was the worst kind of selfishness.”

Overall, I think my mind and heart wasn’t into this one.
There was a lot of talking and a lot of characters, with a lot of relationships surrounding mostly Ellie. I didn’t understand a lot of the drama and like I said I think my head just wasn’t into this one. Maybe because I didn’t feel sorry for her (she had all this money, she could do whatever she wanted but she chose to sulk) like I think I didn’t connect with her on an emotional level until later on in the book.

3.5/5 Hearts of Love

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