The Confessions – Review

felt-tips-coverThis is going to be a super short review because this is a super short book/companion novel.
Maybe the shortest I’ve written since there’s not much detail to go through.
There is, however, a lot of feels I need to talk about, and it’s strange how much feels are in such a short book.
(You know you’re an amazing writer when you can make your readers feel things in less than a hundred pages).

The Confessions by Tiffany Reisz are a combination of three short stories surrounding, Soren, Nora and the author herself.
In Soren’s story/confession, we learn about what it is to be a man like him, in love with a young girl like Eleanor. We learn about what she means to him, what Kingsley means to him, and what he plans on doing with his feelings towards her going forward.
In Nora’s story, many years later, we find her confessing to Soren’s priest something that has been bothering her, a secret she uncovered about Soren that she wasn’t sure she cared to know about until now.
And finally, in Tiffany’s Reisz’s confession, readers are allowed a glimpse of an exchange/interview between Reisz and a fan about the series, questions readers might have, where the story is going, and the true depths of the characters and their stories.


Author Tiffany Reisz

The first two stories were as enjoyable as they were entertaining, and the interview was, as it is should be, was very informative.
As a reader, I enjoyed Nora’s story a bit more (surprising to say) but I enjoyed both Nora and Soren’s confessions equally. (Father Ballard is HILARIOUS). What I liked, and probably the only thing I can say about this companion novel without giving too much away is that this book allowed Nora and Soren to look so much more human and so much more vulnerable than I or other readers may perceive. Their confessions, moved me in a very profound way that I can’t explain, like another piece of the puzzle placed itself on the board.


“What do you see in her?”
“She…she makes me laugh. I feel human with her. I don’t feel human very often, but I do with her.”
“You are human.”
“If I wasn’t sure I was human before, I am now. She makes me weak.”

I hope there are other Original Sinners books planned for the future, and even if they are indie published I will be glad to buy them! (Just not ebooks because my library is more impressive physical than ebook).
Well done Mistress Tiffany! Well done!

5/5 Hearts of Love

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