The Virgin – Review

1409244676598I KNEW IT!
I knew it. After the shenanigans Author Tiffany Reisz pulled in The Saint, I knew this book wasn’t what I thought it would be. I was so excited and then I was like, “Nahhhh, it can’t be that easy.” I wish it was, but it wasn’t.
For those who’ve read the book or series, you know what I’m talking about, for those who haven’t, that’s not a spoiler really, just an observation.
I’m literally here almost shaking myself because I’m selfish and I WANT MORE SOREN! I love Nora and I love Kingsley and I love all of them! But…I think I love Soren just a little more! I’m sorry and ashamed of my affection but it’s true. I look up to Nora and to how brave she’s been and her courage, and to Kingsley for how strong his will in and his ambition. But Soren… I would let him do whatever he wanted to me just so I could know what it feels like to be in his arms. But I’m getting ahead of myself :P. Reisz does not disappoint in the third installment of the White Years and takes us back into Nora and Kingsley’s past to a time without Soren.

There was a time when the Unholy Trinity weren’t together. Where things weren’t as happily ever after.
That was the year everything changed.
Soren had crossed a line and done something Eleanor never thought he’d do. In order to save herself she ran, ran far but not too far away. That was the year she spent away from Soren and Kingsley and took up residence in her mother’s convent.
In order to protect her from Soren, Kingsley, feeling somewhat guilty with the way he handled the situation with Eleanor, decided to flee the country for a while so Soren wouldn’t be able to question him as to where she’d gone to. He traveled the world for a while until he ended up in Haiti. That’s where he met the beautiful Juliette, and it was there he fell in love and vowed he would do anything to have her as his own.

Eleanor, Kingsley, Eleanor, Kingsley, tsk, tsk, tsk.
I just want to shake them both sometimes – even if what they did was really the best thing they could have done.
It must have been hard leaving Soren and it must have been hard for Kingsley to leave both of them. But both of them had reasons for leaving and quite good reasons they were. It was at the convent where Nora found herself, and it was in leaving that Kingsley found a woman to love as his own.

“The face you show the world isn’t always your real face,” Elle said. “You can look at someone and think you know everything about them…but you don’t. We all have masks on. Or veils.”

Told in alternate perspectives between Eleanor and Kingsley, the book felt a little short for me for some reason. It just didn’t feel like it had a lot of substance or detail, especially because there was a lot of time in between from the time the book started to the end. Granted, a year was covered between both of them and so there had to be major time skips within that year to keep the book entertaining. I felt Kingsley’s story had more substance than Eleanor’s where she mostly just sat around before the interesting thing happened (which I won’t say because spoilers). But even after that thing happened it just didn’t seem like there was a lot of substance…. Maybe I’m just being picky, (I’m probably just being picky).

“No two people in history had Kingsley and Nora’s history. With everything they’d put each other through, they’d had two choices – hate each other or love each other. They were so much alike, hating each other would have been like hating themselves. And both of them were rather too self-important for that sort of nonsense.
So they picked love.”


Author Tiffany Reisz

My one tiny comment, okay maybe two, is after all these books and after everything that’s happened, I want Nora and Nico to have a story of their own! They spent a lot of time together and I want to hear about that! But I haven’t read the last book so maybe it’ll be there… I am excited and anticipating the last book in the White Years, but sad that the story will be over – for now anyway. My second comment is that I’m a little sad that Soren didn’t get at least one chapter or so to himself to give the reader of what he was feeling when his Little One and his best friend left. I think it would have been interesting – seeing Soren grieve over them.


Reisz never ceases to amaze me with her captivating tales, how she pieces things together, how the story transitions, and how close of a bond all of her characters have. It’s quite a wonderful thing if you think about it – being friends/family with people you’ve known for twenty odd years and still be so close. That’s quite a bond and something we all would wish for. She continues to inspire me in my own work and I hope one day I could only be as magnificent as she (and Nora) are in telling stories.

Now if only I could be a badass like Nora…. That’s the dream.

5/5 Hearts of Love

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