The Saint – Review

41eWYhCDL1L__SX324_BO1,204,203,200_NOTE: This is Book 1 of The White Years but Book 5 in The Original Sinners Series. You must read all of the books in The Red Years before reading this book.

Just read it.
Just. Read. It.
I should just stop the review right here and leave you to decide whether you want to read this book or not.
If you’ve read The Original Sinners Series – Red Years, then without a doubt you need to read the White Years.
Tiffany Reisz fans are thrown right back into Nora, Soren and Kingsley’s world and I can say without a doubt that it feels like home.
I have a serious problem and serious obsession and pardon my French but I love the ISH out of this book and this series. (Can’t swear in reviews on Amazon).

Sudden and without warning Nora has disappeared again. But this time she has a purpose.
Alone in the wilderness she has one thing she needs to do, however her painful past prevents her from completing her job.
It’s only thanks to Nico, Kingsley’s son, that Nora finds the strength to do what she needs to do.
She finds solace in his company and warmth in his arms and in return she tells him about how she and Soren met and the circumstances that brought them together.
Eleanor Schreiber, a troubled young fifteen year old has decided she has no interest in going to Church. However, news of a new priest (who rides a motorcycle) has piqued her interest. It is at Sacred Heart where she first meets Father Stearns, and from the moment she laid eyes on him, she knew her life would never be the same again.

This is the book I’ve been waiting for since reading The Original Sinners Series – Red Years.
FINALLY we get to see what Nora was like as a teenager and everything she went through in order to be truly be with and belong to Soren.
My heart melted and my eyes were glued to the pages.
Reading this book was like the outside world didn’t exist, nothing existed except the words on the page.
The book sucked me in and didn’t let me go. It’s the kind of story you want to get lost in and the kind of story you want to devour you whole.

“You’re not a normal priest, are you?’

He gave her a smile that hit her like a slap to the face and a kiss on the mouth all at once.

‘My God, I hope not.”



There is a Romance element to this series and their story, but it is in no way your typical romance.
The things she (Nora) does for him. The things he makes her do. How he makes her suffer and yet how he makes her feel so good…
Just imagine belonging to someone so completely, so absolutely, MY GOD, how would you not kill to be in Nora’s shoes. Not just because Soren is, well, indescribable, but because he loves her so completely. Their devotion to each other and even Kingsley’s devotion to him is just mind-blowing. Maybe vanilla people won’t understand but to belong to someone so completely, to be loved by someone so entirely…it’s like a DREAM COME TRUE.

“Do you like being needed?” She settled against his chest, so broad and so warm. “Doesn’t it scare you?”
“I like knowing another life depends on me for its being. I like proving it made the right choice to put its faith in me. Does it scare you?”
“Being needed? Yes. Very much. Probably ne reason why I decided long ago I didn’t want children, not even Soren’s. And it’s why I’ve never owned anyone.”
She shook her head. “I’ve had pets – human ones. But that was just play at the club. I never owned anyone the way Soren owned me. It’s terrifying to be needed. Being responsible for another human being? For years? Sounds like a prison sentence. I don’t even have plants.”

“Did that feel like a prison sentence to you?”
“No,” she confessed, recalling those nights she slipped over to the rectory and gave her body to him. “It felt like a privilege.”
“That’s what it felt like to me,” Nico said. “When you needed me last night? A privilege. An Honor.”
“What are you saying, Nico?” Nora asked.
“I need you.”

Readers are allowed the privilege of seeing Nora grow up, and are also allowed to see a side of Soren that feels, in a way, more caring. Everything he does from the moment he meets her is for her, and he will do anything and everything to protect her. But in the present time we still see that devotion to Soren and yet we see Nora grow in another way, which goes to show that people do have the capacity to grow and change.

I can’t say enough good things about this book or this series.
Only that I hope that at some point in my life I hope to be loved that Soren loves Nora, and to love someone the way Nora loves Soren. And Kingsley too of course, because he’s part of the trifecta and the Holy 8th Circle Trinity.
My only hope is that everything works out exactly as Nora wants it to 😉

10/5 Hearts of Love

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