Five Ways to Fall – Review

18170583I’ve done it!
I’ve figured it out! (At least I think I have).
I’ve figured out, or realized, that I’m more likely to enjoy a book if the lead female is a bad-ass, rebellious, strong, witty character. These are all general terms of course, but I think they’re the best words to describe the type of female that Reece MacKay is. She doesn’t let anyone tell her what to do, she does her own thing, and she’s got a smart-mouth on her (in a good way). I think I’m partial to these kinds of female characters because I want to BE LIKE THEM. Do you know how sexy it is for a woman to be witty? Damn!
But besides how amazing of a character Reece is, there’s also her male counterpart, Ben. And Ben Morris is a real piece of work. I will never understand why guys just want to…sleep around all the time, maybe commitment is harder for them. But as a woman with a fantasy, we all secretly wish, in some way, to be someone’s forever.

After finding out her husband cheated on her, Reece MacKay is done. She is the type of woman who’s not going to put up with any of that, so she packs up her things and leaves – but not without leaving a signature mark over her ex’s apartment. Feeling like she’s going nowhere with life, her step-father offers her an out, a chance at something more, a chance at a new life. Working at his law firm keeps Reece busy and keeps her a little more grounded. Although she’s removed a lot of her piercings, dyed her hair blonde, and wears clothes to fit in, she’s still a force to reckon with. Once bouncer at Penny’s, now turned lawyer, Ben Morris is not a one woman man. He goes from seeing naked women left, right, and centre, to being stuck with one, one that refuses to sleep with him. He’s puzzled and enamoured by Reece and can’t understand his strange attraction to her. She doesn’t throw herself at him like the others and he can’t understand why, what’s not to like? Handsome, intelligent, charming, sexy, he’s never felt this way about any girl, and little does she know she’s about to bring out the best in him.

What does it take to be as badass as Reece, or Kacey? Even innocent Livie had her moments!
I don’t know what it is…but I respect these women (yes, even Livie), for being badass in their own way and speaking their mind, bantering the way they do, making it look so flawless and easy. (I’m not saying I didn’t like Charlie, I just didn’t get attached to her).
What’s not to like about a young woman who says what she wants, knows what she wants, and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. I mean sure there are some things that made Reece sort of childish…(like getting revenge on her ex-husband and his new wife), but come on….THEY DESERVED IT!
I know it’s weird to say you idolize or look up to fictional characters, but I do. Not because I wish I could be them, but I wish I had the same badass ATTITUDE they had.

“No way a guy who’s been in there wouldn’t be bothered watching someone else stick his tongue in your mouth.”
“I think you should send that straight to Hallmark.”


Author K. A. Tucker

Now that I’ve gushed over Reece, let’s talk about Ben.
Ben Morris.
Benjamin Morris.
This is the guy that SCREAMS WOMANIZER.
But it’s not that he leads them on, these women know what they sign up for when they sleep with him, but for the life of me I just can’t understand why people, men like Ben, would choose to sleep around rather than have one woman who’s always there for them. Maybe because I’m not a man I’ll never understand.
Ben is the kind of man your parents warn you about – even though he’s a mama’s boy and really does have a big heart beneath that athlete’s build. He’s handsome, charming, charismatic, flirty, and HE KNOWS IT and USES IT to his advantage. Not saying that he shouldn’t, but he uses it for all the wrong reasons… With guys like Ben, who are used to getting what they want, sleeping around, never having a woman say no to them, it takes a special girl to calm them down and help them realize what they’re missing out on ;).


“You’re not my type.”
I’ve heard this before and I don’t believe her. Hell, I’m everyone’s type! Eventually.”

I greatly enjoyed this book compared to the previous one, again, perhaps I’m being biased towards the characters, but I liked the story, I liked the pace, and I liked how the characters got together. It wasn’t forced or a quick-turn realization that they belonged together, but was slow and gradual. Hey, if anything this book should give guys in the dreaded friend-zone some hope. You CAN GET out of the friend-zone, it’s not hopeless!

4.5/5 Hearts of Love

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