Four Seconds to Lose – Review

17571140Looking at this book on my shelf I thought, “Wow this is a big book!” and was pretty excited to read it.
I don’t know if it’s just me because I’d already read two books previous and was tired of the writing style but for some reason I just couldn’t get into this one…
Reviews are subjective to each reader, just because I didn’t enjoy it too much doesn’t mean it’s a bad book. For me, it just didn’t have the wow factor the other two had and I think I was expecting it which was why it was a letdown.
However, despite the things I may say about this book, it does have a wonderful love story behind it, and the scenes where Cain and Charlie really get together and TALK, those are the kinds of scenes I live for. It’s not just about the sex and the love, but about communication and bearing your soul and everything that causes you pain to another living being and still being loved anyway.

Instead of moving to New York and starting college like she wanted, Charlie Rourke is headed down to Miami to do some work for her stepfather, Sam. It isn’t real work, it isn’t even legal work, but she has to do it anyway. But enough is enough and Charlie wants out of the business for good and is planning on running. All she needs to do is save up enough money to disappear. She is fortunate enough to find a job at Penny’s as a dancer and bartender. She doesn’t mean to stay there long, or make friends, or have any sort of relationship with her coworkers, let alone her disturbingly hot boss who can’t seem to stop looking at her.
Cain Ford is the boss everyone dreams of working for. He takes care of his employees, he’s fair, and he wants them to succeed in life. He’s haunted by his past and the memories of losing his parents and his sister that he vows to try to help others in any way he can. This includes hiring a young girl who looks exactly like ‘her’ – the one that got away, the woman that he loved and couldn’t save. As hard as he tries he can’t stay away from her for long, but the two are hiding dangerous secrets, which if revealed, could mean the end of them both.

A long summary for a long book (well, not that long, but longer than the first two books in the series, and long because I’m terrible at writing short summaries that don’t sound like every other summary I’ve written 😛 ).
I think despite that this book takes place over a short period of time (and then jumps around towards the end), A LOT HAPPENS and I think that’s why the book had to be so long. There was a lot of detail between Charlie and Cain that needed to be explained in order for the two to really get together.


Author K. A. Tucker

Honestly, the book was a little slow for me and I just wanted to say, “OMG Just get together already please, someone do something!” But recently I saw a photo that said something like, “People who have been single for a long time are the hardest to love because they’ve been independent for so long and don’t know how to let other people help them.” Or something like that. And the same can be said for Cain and Charlie. Cain has never let anyone get close to him, and Charlie’s life is too complicated to allow anyone near her. It’s just a bad situation all around, thankfully they both end up making the best of it.


“I believe some people are inherently evil.
I believe guilt is a powerful motivator.
I believe redemption is something you can strive for but never fully achieve.
I believe second chances exist only in dreams, never in reality.
I believe you don’t have years, or months, or weeks to impact a person’s life.
You have seconds.
Seconds to win them over, And seconds to lose them.”

Cain is definitely the kind of guy girls dream of. The kind that will take care of you and do anything for you, the kind that wants everyone to know you’re theirs and isn’t afraid of displaying public affection. Well if you’re into that, which I definitely am.
Charlie on the other hand, I don’t know she was very on and off for me. Not my favourite type of girl even though I’d probably closest to her in terms of personality. Conservative with what she says, witty and fun when she wants to be. She’s reserved because she’s afraid the things in her past will scare people away and is afraid to trust someone for fear they’ll get hurt because of her. People who’ve been damaged are hard to get close to…they can’t help but have trust issues.

“She’s the woman who stole my heart right out from me before I even realized she had her hands on it.”

Overall, not my favourite book but I’m glad these two found each other. And at the end….oh man, I was shocked and maybe you won’t see it until the last page like I did 😉
Only one book left in the series, let’s see if I like it better than this one.

3.5/5 Hearts of Love

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