One Tiny Lie – Review

17302495I don’t know how it is for a lot of readers, but there are books that you just can’t put down; that you need to continue reading because you NEED to know what happens next? Yeah, that was this book for me.
Usually I’m okay with putting a book down for a while and picking it up again later, but with this one, I just HATED putting it down – like I wanted to just keep reading it! This has almost never happened to me before, at least that I can recall. I loved seeing how Livie started to change and become her own person, and I liked how frustrated she was around Aston. Isn’t that something we can all relate to? Liking someone who isn’t good for us, but liking them anyway?

Livie Cleary has always been the perfect daughter. She has perfect grades, thinks of others before herself, loves children and has her whole life mapped out and memorized. Just before she’s about to start her first semester at Princeton (her father’s alma mater), her sister and her Doctor both agree that she needs to let go and figure out who she really wants to be. At her first party she meets Ashton – who is the sort of boy you’re not supposed to fall for. Livie’s problem is that for some reason he won’t leave her alone. Not long after she meets Connor. He’s everything she could possibly want in a boyfriend and the kind of person her parents would have loved, but for some reason all she can think about is Ashton. What is it about annoyingly hot guys that tease you all the time, that make them irresistible. But just as Livie can’t stop thinking about Ashton, he can’t stop thinking about her. She’s it for him, his forever, but he shouldn’t want her.

It feels like elementary again where everyone tells you that if a boy teases you it’s because he likes you. How does that mindset even work as an adult, and how does it still work!?
Is it because it’s a form of flirtation? I still have yet to figure it out. I have someone who I probably have unrequited feelings for (nothing will ever come of it so let’s not talk about it) and we flirt and we banter and we tease each other with witty comments like, “You know you like it” or “You know you’ll miss me”. And it works! Why is it playing hard to get works?! Or maybe it just works on me… Maybe I’m broken. Maybe I only like men who I like more than they like me, does that make sense?
The point of this being is I get the struggle with Livie and Ashton and maybe that’s why I enjoyed this book so much. THE STRUGGLE was SO RELATABLE!

With a lot of romance novels you know the two mains are going to end up together, that’s just a fact, but even though I knew who Livie was going to end up with I still wondered how exactly that would come about. It wasn’t typical, boy chases girl, or girl chases boy, it was the kind of love story where they know they shouldn’t be together but do it anyway. Why do I like those stories so much? Maybe because that’s how things usually are…. We fall for the wrong people and we just can’t help it.

“Sometimes in life you make a decision and you find yourself questioning it. A lot. You don’t regret it, exactly. You know that you probably made the right choice and that you’re probably better off for it. But you do spend a lot of time wondering what the hell you were thinking.”


Author K. A. Tucker

Livie really is/was perfect. She said and did all the right things, acted a certain way, had the perfect school and profession in mind, but you have to wonder how people don’t crumble under that sort of pressure. Part of growing up and being an adult is figuring out who you want to be, and at twenty-four I still don’t know who I’m supposed to be. I don’t believe that at seventeen or eighteen we’re in the right mind to decide our futures, and just like Livie we need to explore life, fall in love, have adventures and make mistakes along the way. (Having a great support team of friends is important too).


The two main males, Aston and Connor, are two-sides of a coin. Both of them quite dreamy depending on your preference in men. I could see the appeal to both, and yet like Livie, I couldn’t help but be attracted to someone I shouldn’t want. Sigh. What is it about wanting something or someone you shouldn’t that makes it so appealing? SOMEONE TELL ME!
Let me just say that Ashton is a bad-boy (in a sense) and Connor is the gentleman, the kind of boy your mom wants you to bring home.

“1. I’m brilliant
2. I’m charming
3. I’m hung like a thoroughbred
4. I’ve stopped all philandering
5. I’m highly skilled, as you’ve learned the other night.

P.S. Stop staring at my hands. I know what you want me to with them.”

Ashton has definitely made my Book Boyfriends list, and One Tiny Lie is definitely going on my favourites and recommended list.
I have so much love for this series I can’t wait until the next book!

5/5 Hearts of Love

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