The Shadow – Review

I mean I love his novels, I don’t know anything about the man personally, but I would love to sit in on one of his lectures someday.
I honestly didn’t even have this book marked on my calendar and didn’t know it was coming out until I saw him post on facebook, lol.
When a book is announced six plus months before its release date it’s hard to be…excited.
But being a huge fan of the Gabriel’s Inferno Series, and loving The Raven, OMGGGG! I think I love the sequel even more‼!
If I haven’t already, The Prince, aka William York’s name is going on my list of Book Boyfriends because….*fans self* that man is the living end. Seriously, he could charm the pants off anyone! (At least I think so). Now some people may not like Raven Wood as the female lead (as she does get a little bit annoying towards the end – but with good reason), but she is a human being dealing in the affairs of vampyres so I mean…there’s little she could have done anyway, right?
Having read this book with no expectations, I can say I was very surprised and very taken by how much I enjoyed it! I think perhaps a little too much…;)

For the love of his life, who is the strongest, kindest, and one of the bravest women he knows, The Prince of Florence believes she deserves justice. Justice for the man who ruined her childhood and permanently disfigured her. William will do anything to protect Raven as well as try to give her the love she so easily deserves.
But her safety and happiness isn’t the only thing on the Prince’s mind.
The Curia are threatening to come to Florence to put an end to all the vampyres who live there who are causing trouble for the humans, and William can’t protect Florence and Raven, not without losing one or the other.
For Raven, the safety of her family has always come first, and now, even dating a thousand year-old vampyre, she will do anything to protect him from those who hunt him, those who wish to do him harm, and those who want to separate them from each other.

Let me just gush for a second at how good this book is.
The words just…flow so easily off the page and feel like they were put together with such elegance and poetic hands…it’s ENOUGH TO MAKE YOU SWOON! Reynard has a serious talent for romance and charm, I’ll give him that much. It’s not just the immortal vampyre aspect and the money or the charm, but the WILLINGNESS and DEVOTION he has for Raven that’s just so attractive!
William loves her, like really truly loves her, and will do whatever he can to protect her – even if that means losing her in order to keep her safe. That is serious love right there.

I think something I’ve noticed and admired about a lot of these book boyfriends that makes them so attractive is their ability to be so supportive towards the female. Just because a woman is sensitive and cries doesn’t mean she’s weak. Being a good shoulder to cry on is a definite positive. It also doesn’t hurt to be supportive of their work, their dreams, their desires, etc. It’s just GOOD TO BE SUPPORTIVE PERIOD!. ((Men write that down that’s important stuff I’m telling you right now)).

Since it’d been so long since I read The Raven, it took me a little while to remember where the story was picking up from. The story was well-paced and had many surprises, which I can’t tell you about because spoilers. I definitely think this book was much more exciting than the last – especially because William and Raven were no longer playing Cat and Mouse with their feelings.

As for Raven, I like that she’s NOT PHYSICALLY PERFECT but has an abundant amount of inner beauty.
People say I’m rather harsh on myself but it’s a little like I say, “I’m a bad person with good intentions”.
I’m not actually a bad person but I believe I could be kinder… With Raven she’s got this ENORMOUS heart and sense of kindness that can be seen as extremely uncommon.
In the case of, “Good guys never win” it seems that the kind and sweet girl won out this time. Shame though that a lot of people overlooked her because of her disability. Even more of a shame that society is a lot like that – with their perceptions and their prejudices. You never know what people have to offer until you get to know them.
That being said, a reminder is in order that Raven IS HUMAN and that for her to interfere too much in supernatural business is just plain craziness. She could die! Like…really easily, which is why I get…where she could get really annoying because of all her whining, but it was for the best…I mean what else could she have done?

All and all, I’m perfectly satisfied with this sequel and would absolutely read it again! I can’t wait for the third book to see what happens next and what becomes of Raven and William, the vampyres and the Curia.
Although I suppose I’ll have to wait a whole year for that….BOO!!

5/5 Hearts of Love

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