Feverborn – Review

12444298I’m speechless.
As in I don’t know where to start – not that the book wasn’t good!
I’m OVERCOME by so many emotions and so many feels, it’s like WOW!
There are very few authors I hold in high esteem, and Karen Marie Moning is definitely one of them.
I will start off by saying Feverborn is an improvement from the previous novel Burned and I do have my reasons for saying this, which I will explain further on.
Reading a Fever Novel, if you’re as obsessed with the series as I am, is like coming home after a year (or longer, depending how much time passes between book releases). You miss the characters, you miss their thoughts, their personalities, you miss their witty replies, you miss being in their head, and you end up clinging to every page (I know I did). All I know is I’m anxious to share my thoughts and anxious for the next book! (I swear every time I read the next book in the series it just makes me want to read the series from the beginning – it’s just THAT good).

The black holes that have been popping around the city are becoming a problem. One wrong move and you could be swallowed into oblivion. Now Mac, Barrons, Jada, Ryodan, and the rest of the gang need to find a way to stop them from growing and swallowing the world whole. But they have other problems to face.
Unlikely alliances and secrets may make or break relationships. Mac and Jada are going to have to learn to trust and work with each other again, and Mac is going to have to learn to forgive herself before she can ever move on. Meanwhile, Jada has her own issues to deal with – being home, being surrounded by the people she used to look up to, she is an all powerful butt-kicking sidhe-seer now and yet they all look at her as if she’s a child or different somehow. She’s going to have to learn to work with them again if she wants to save their world and rebuild the bridges she had with everyone. When powerful Fae seeking the end of the world are involved you can’t afford to lose your friends, or your allies.

This book was A LOT to take in, and I mean that in a good way. There was just SO MUCH going on and a lot of details to remember, but I promise it wasn’t hard. The Fever series is a book you can easily get lost in as you become obsessed and submerge yourself into the Fever World. It can be challenging because there are so many characters and so many things to like about all of them – it’s hard to pick a favourite.
One thing I did find myself thinking a lot was, “What’s going on with so and so, and why don’t they have a bigger part?!” I can’t say who this is specifically about but with so many characters I can understand why Moning didn’t have time to touch on them all. HOWEVER! Don’t be too disappointed! Because there’s A LOT of Mac and Barrons and a lot of Jada and Ryodan in this book which, personally I think, makes up for it….if you know what I mean ;).

“What we achieve at our best moment doesn’t say much about who we are. It all boils down to what we become at our worst moment.”

Author Karen Marie Moning

Author Karen Marie Moning

I cannot stress this enough… BARRONS IS EVERYTHING!
Like, that’s all I need to say. Anything and everything that has to do with him is like Aside from Barrons….RYODAN is second everything, Lor is currently third (since he’s had like the third most book time, and because he’s hilarious, like I’d love to have him as a best friend/big brother type, like how he looks at Dani/Jada). He and Jada definitely hit it off in this book which I’m very happy for, I only wish there were MORE of them together… Seriously like…get on that! 😛

“For **** sake, you vanished and I couldn’t find you. Do you really think I’m going to let that happen again? If you believe nothing else, concede it will work for that reason alone. I don’t lose things that are mine.”

The story was very evenly paced and thorough with everyone’s POV. I do wish we got some more POV than others (can’t say cause spoilers) but I do feel like I was THOROUGHLY SATISFIED, like everyone who needed to be seen was seen and seen enough. As much as I love Mac, and I do love Mac, I was more excited for Jada’s parts than anything. I really liked how she was more human in this book than in Burned where she was just an unfeeling machine/robot/thing with literally no feelings (at least it seemed that way). Dani has definitely grown into Jada but it’s also nice seeing Jada finally act more human and more like Dani, you know? That she hasn’t completely cut herself off from who she used to be. Humans are flawed and I think that’s what makes them beautiful. Heck, I’d go as far as saying even the Nine are flawed and that is also what makes them so irresistible. Borrowing a quote from the Avengers: Age of Ultron, “There is grace in their failings.”

I seriously can’t wait until all the loose ends are tied up and all the secrets revealed. Moning has assured readers that she has a plan and I can’t wait to see it executed!
With the way this book and story is going, I’m sure Feversong is going to be a crazy ride! I just hope we’re not left with too many cliffhangers by the end of it…haha!

4.5/5 Hearts of Love


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