American Savages – Review

22237681Every time I write a review for a book that’s been out for a while I feel like people are sitting there going, ‘You’ve only just read that now?’.
Shhhhh!!! I only started taking readng seriously at the end of 2013, I have a long way to go alright!
With this particular series I fell in love almost instantly. At the time of release all readers dedicated to the series were saddened by the fact it was the last one (the third book I mean), but while I was halfway through I made the happy discovery that there was a FOURTH BOOK coming out!!! EEEEE!!!! I am so happy!
I cannot stress how in love with this book and series I am. Mind that it is Indie and could use a lot of edits, but the idea is fresh, the characters are multi-dimensional, and the story makes you cling to every page. I would love to see this book as a TV series, I think it’d do well.
Seriously though, where are the rest of the romance books with mafia genres in them cause I want to read them.

At the end of the second book in the series, The Untouchables, Melody has gone MIA and has left Liam to run their empire, but he can’t do that while he’s sitting behind bars. Or can he? Everything he’s done while in jail has been carefully planned even up to his court date. He knows he’s getting out and when he does there’ll be hell to pay.
Thinking his wife abandoned him, Liam is proved wrong and is reunited with his wife and son and plan to take down the enemy who has been watching them all their lives. The man named Avian Doers. He will stop at nothing to take down the Callahans and ends up using someone in the family in order to get his revenge.
This will probably be the toughest enemy the family has faced yet, and no matter what happens they’ll do it together as a family.

As an avid reader I often find myself switching between genres every so often. I don’t devel into much of the subgenres like sports, cowboy, motorcycle, military, etc etc, but I do often dabble in bands, billionaires, CEOs, teachers, etc. Maybe I’ve just been living under a rock but serious, I’m digging mafia romance. Maybe I’m being biased because it’s my first time but seriously, the Callahans blew me out of the park.

First, let’s just address that yes, I do think the book could have used more editing. But I don’t review or rate these books just by how well they were written. My ratings come from how much I enjoyed the book.
The Ruthless People series is by no means a masterpiece of English Literature, but it is entertaining and I think that’s the point! (It’s not terrible that you can’t read it so that’s a definite plus!).

Author J. J. McAvoy

Author J. J. McAvoy

If I had to answer which was my favourite out of the three I really couldn’t say. J. J. McAvoy did a very good job in keeping the tone of the book the same between all three novels, and each one brings something unique to the table. There’s just something about….loving someone so much that you want to kill them sometimes that turns me on. I think I’m weird like that.

“The woman I married could fool angels into believing she was one of them.”

It’s true what they say, Liam, Melody and the entire Callahan family are violent, ruthless, untouchable, and savage. Some of my new favourite words.
Like I really can’t put into words…. These people are INSANE but they are insane within reason. Sure, let’s not forget they are criminals, but what they do, they do to protect their family. If they’d never been provoked by Avian Doers then they would have been content being left alone. Seriously, don’t poke the sleeping lion is all I’m saying.

“But you see we can’t all be the phoenix, some of us have to be the ash.”

American Savages is violent, it’s passionate, it’s raw, it’s different, and for mature audiences!
If you want to read a truly epic series about mafias with guns, who cuss a lot and fight for family, then this is the series for you!

4/5 Hearts of Love

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