Ruthless People – Review

CaptureI’m so happy! Because I finally read the first book of this series!
(On a side note, wow this is extremely difficult to type because I was just diagnosed with cataracts a couple of days ago so seeing is really difficult, so I will probably make a ton of mistakes).
Anyway, Ruthless People came HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to me by a good friend and frequent guest reviewer on my blog, Aimi. It was funny because the author of the series, J. J. McAvoy and I are similar in age and she’s somewhat local (give or take a few hours).
What drew me to this series is that it is mafia themed which I don’t see very often considering my genre of reading.
The only words I could possibly use to describe this book and series are RAW, PASSIONATE, and POWERFUL.
So if you’re into powerful people and powerful families doing whatever possible to take down their enemies, then this is definitely the series for you!

The Callahans and the Giovanni’s and two of the most powerful mafia families in the world, and after fighting for years they’ve finally settled on an agreement that will make both families happy.
There’s only one way Liam Callahan is going to become head of his family, and that’s to marry the infamous and mysterious, Melody Nicci Giovanni. He knows absolutely nothing about the girl and has no idea what she looks like. However the minute he sets eyes on her and realizes what she’s capable of, he knows he’s met his match.
Rather than trying to be the head of her family, Melody has been running her family for years. Everyone and everything is below her, even her fiancee, Liam, whom she refuses to submit to. With this marriage she realizes she can become more powerful than she ever imagined and with it, also learn about the importance of real family and real love.

I won’t lie. When I first picked up this book I’ll admit that I wasn’t in love with it right away.
It took me several POV switches before I really got to grips with Liam and Melody and what these two were like. It was different reading a book about murder and torture when all you’re used to reading is romance. Readers really have to get into the killer mindset in reading this book and must realize that these are RUTHLESS PEOPLE, who will sooner kill than be killed and will do anything to protect what’s theirs. In a way you have to admire them and their…ruthlessness. Oh, I probably should have mentioned this earlier but, WARNING – THIS BOOK CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT AND EXPLICIT SCENES. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR YOUNG READERS. Just in case that wasn’t clear when I mentioned it was mafia themed.

Author J. J. McAvoy

Author J. J. McAvoy

At first the switching of POVs messed with me a little, especially when the POVs weren’t very long. There was a lot of POV switching within each chapter and it’s told in the first person. At first I struggled sometimes to remember, ‘Who’s POV was this?’ every time I read a new section. After a while, it got easy and the book became more enjoyable when you actually looked forward to reading a certain character’s POV.

“She looks like a sweet little lamb from afar, but when you get close, you find out she skinned and ate the damn thing just to use it as a coat. She’s a beast.”

I LOVED Liam and Melody the most out of everyone in their family. I think I was partial to their violence and their not taking ish from nobody because they were in charge. It’s going to be really difficult to find a passage I can quote because everything that comes out of their mouth is quite…vulgar. But here are two people, albeit stubborn, who know what they want and know exactly how to get it. They will be violent, cunning, sly, and are not afraid of torture if absolutely necessary. Another thing I love about these two is their love/hate relationship towards each other. There’s nothing sexier than two people who love to hate each other, at least I think so. They almost want to kill each other as much as they want to kill their enemies, except eventually these two finally realize that they need each other in order to get what they want. Melody becomes Liam’s everything and Liam becomes the thing she didn’t know she needed.

“She is. . . she is Bloody Melody and perfect. God created her and then shattered the mold afterward, for the world could not handle two of her.”

Sometimes you need a little violence in your life, or reading life, and Ruthless People is definitely a book I recommend to read in between all of your pretty little romances. It’s HOT, SEXY, RAW, and not to mention BLOODY.
If you want female leads, sexy alpha males, along with guns and explosions, then you definitely need to pick this book up now!
It’s a wonderful debut to an author I will be following closely! #supportlocalauthors!

4.5/5 Hearts of Love

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