Red Hill – Review

17457124For those of you that don’t know, (not that you would), I am not really into zombies.
I think I’ve only seen maybe three zombie movies, played a handful of zombie themed video games, and I’ve only seen maybe the first two episodes of The Walking Dead. I’m just not into zombies.
Reading Red Hill I think didn’t help my dislike of zombies, I think it made me even more uncomfortable.
I’M NOT SAYING this book was bad! If anything it was actually extremely well-written, just not something I liked just because of the genre. It took me about two thirds of the book to ask my friend in the science field about zombies (in which he reassured me there was no way the zombie apocalypse would happen. We’d sooner die from global warming). But it made me think and made me worry…that everyone who’s seen zombie movies will be better off if it ever happens, and I’ll be one of the first dead.

What will you be doing when the zombie apocalypse happens? For Scarlet, it’s a typical day, drop the kids off at school, go to work, then pick them up from their dad’s. But the world has taken a turn for the worst, as people start showing up at the hospital with strange and unexplainable medication conditions. Then the unthinkable occurs and the recently deceased start attacking people, and feeding off of them.
The world has fallen into chaos and the only thing Scarlet cares about is finding a way to find her daughters. She’ll overcome any obstacle, do whatever it takes in order to see them alive.
While on her journey to find a place that she hopes is safe, she meets several people along the way who become her new family. All of them go through their own trials during this disaster and ultimately have to come together in order to survive. However, like every zombie tv show or film, the zombie apocalypse won’t end without many brave sacrifices.

I think the things that scared me the most is the possibility of this ever happening. Perhaps it’s just fiction but who knows… Who really knows? Reading this book I found myself just…so unprepared like I had no plan on what to do if this happened and no idea how I’d survive. It was a scary prospect. I think the reason I didn’t like the book (emotionally), was because it was just unsettling, if you can understand my meaning.

Author Jamie McGuire

Author Jamie McGuire

Now onto the actual content.
Like every Jamie McGuire book it was very well written. It was very personal to the characters and if it was able to make me feel uncomfortable that means the characters are relatable.
The story takes place over three POVS, Scarlet, Nathan and Miranda. Scarlet is trying to find her daughters, Nathan is trying to find a safe place to take his own daughter, Zoe, and Miranda and her friends are just trying to survive and find a way to ride out the storm. Eventually all three groups cross paths and have to learn to get along in order to survive. It’s very easy to like everyone and there really isn’t anyone I dislike (except the sister because she was annoying…but you kind of needed that annoying character otherwise it wouldn’t be believable).

A lot of the novel, like any zombie movie, was incredibly sad… People dying, loved ones dying, having to grow up fast. It was pretty brutal. I think the only thing I found odd or might have found a little odd is the amount of food, guns and weapons they had. Maybe because this took place in a mostly urban community but I doubt any of my friends are prepared for the zombie apocalypse… They never seemed to be struggling over food and they just never seemed to worry about bullets (everyone in America has guns apparently, which is something I don’t believe in but that’s just me). Of course they were close to a town where they could easily get some food but really how long would it last? Maybe it’s just me, maybe I’m just skeptic.

Unlike McGuire’s other novels, romance is not a huge part of the novel. Devotion and family love perhaps but it’s the zombie apocalypse! Special bonds and relationships form but this isn’t strictly a romance novel, and I think it was a nice change considering all the romance I’d been reading lately.

I definitely concur that if anyone is into zombie themed books, films, or TV shows they should definitely pick up Red Hill. It may not be as serious as other zombie themed movies or shows but it certainly has the feel for it. I would actually be interested in seeing this made as a movie, I think it would do well despite my dislike for the undead.

4/5 Hearts of Love

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