November 9 – Review

n9coverSo far, I haven’t read a Colleen Hoover novel that has disappointed me.
Sure some were, in my opinion, better than others, but that didn’t mean they didn’t all touch me in some way.
Out of all of her books, so far, November 9 is my favourite.
This may be due to a bias because I could relate to the main character, Fallon O’Neil, really well, but whatever 😛 Let me be bias.
This book was AMAZEBALLS! If I could recommend a one-shot this year I’d definitely recommend this one. It is tragically beautiful, pure and raw. A story about forgiveness (as many of Hoover’s books are themed), but it also about finding the courage and confidence in oneself.

After a house fire almost claimed the life of up and coming actress, Fallon O’Neil, everything she had worked for and everything she had accomplished had suddenly gone down the drain. After scars had covered at least thirty percent of her body, Fallon had lost all confidence in herself and was reduced to hiding. Just as she’s about to start a new life across the country and hopefully a new career, a stranger barges into her life. A pretty cute stranger named Ben James Kessler. Out of no where comes this incredible human being that has one hundred percent confidence in her and sees her more than just someone who’s scarred. Their time spent together is short lived and soon Fallon has to leave, but not wanting to lose this bond she’s created with Ben they make a pact not to contact each other and to meet up every year on November 9th. It was the day the fire took her future, the day her life changed, the day she met Ben, and the day that would change her life forever.

I should have a list for books that have almost made me cry.
I’ve never cried during or after I’ve read a book… Maybe because I’m heartless or more controlled with literature than with TV and Movies, but man….this book made me huff a little.
It was like a hand was wrapping around my heart and squeezing it and just made me feel…all the feels.
I think it affected me the most because, like I said, I related to Fallon a lot.

STORY TIME (I’ll make it quick). *You can skip over this*
Over the summer I contracted a skin condition that I later found out was called RSS or TSW.
Initially I thought it was eczema and treated it as such. It affected my face and then later my neck, all around my eyes, my upper cheek bones, and jaw. It was red, puffy, itchy and flaking. I was so ashamed, so embarrassed of what I looked like. I held my head down, grew my bangs, stopped seeing my friends, I was even suicidal, how did people live like this? I was always in pain and constantly trying not to scratch or touch my face. One day it got so bad that I had to leave work and took an emergency appointment with my dermatologist. I found out that it had been somewhat infected and so he gave me a bunch of creams, lotions and pills and told me to take a week off work to heal. And so I did. Everything seemed good and for two days I felt normal, I felt amazing.
Then it came back and I knew something was wrong. I searched and searched until I found out my condition was caused by all the creams and lotions I’d been applying. So I stopped immediately.
Long story short..
I know what it feels to have zero confidence in yourself. I mean my confidence and self-esteem were pretty low to begin with but that…that was so low. I couldn’t see my friends, couldn’t go out into public…couldn’t hold my head up and look people in the eye because I was so ashamed of what I looked like.
SO YEAH! This book was pretty personal to me and hit close to home, so excuse me for having an extreme bias towards it.

Author Colleen Hoover

Author Colleen Hoover

Back to the review…
I was in love with Fallon and Ben. I thought…they were just so human, so believable in how they reacted, how they lived their lives, how everything turned out. Ben wasn’t perfect, he wasn’t an alpha-male, he wasn’t every girl’s wet dream…he was a guy. A beautiful, flawed, caring guy who genuinely cared about this one girl. Books like this give me some hope…that there are some good men left in the world.

“If we’re going to kiss, it has to be book-worthy.”

A lot of this book reminded me of a New Adult version of One Day, which was addressed in the novel btw. Every major section shows exactly what that character is doing on November 9th and how the two spend it together. Where One Day, the main characters still communicate as normal and the book focuses on that one particular day, November 9 is the one day out of the year that the two can be in contact with each other and meet one another. Imagine having that sort of connection with someone…that you can go an entire year without seeing them and picking up exactly where you left off… THAT IS BEYOND MAGICAL!

I don’t think I have anything more to add.
Just read this book.
It’s a one-shot, it’s easy, it’s just beautiful.

6/5 Hearts of Love

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