Pieces of One Part 2 – Review

26121141I think this is the first time I’ve read a cliffhanger book and not bee completely devastated by it.
NOTE: SVC Ricketts does tell you about the cliffy ahead of time so no, it’s not a spoiler me telling you.
I do like the fact that she told me ahead of time, I think it saves readers a lot of heartache and panic when they get to that last page. I prefer my body being prepared instead of freaking out with the way the book ends.
Aside from the cliffhanger, my initial reaction to this book was confusion. NOT BAD CONFUSION more like…my brain…and things…and waaaaahhhhtttt? There’s a lot that goes on in the sequel and it’s important to pay attention to every little detail. Ricketts leaves you hungry for more but strangely overall satisfied… If that’s even possible.

After the events of the first novel that have left Trista in a terrible state, she wakes up having taken up residence with Bryson Serivide, the man she’s supposed to be snitching on. The only thing she needs from him is information and then she’s out of there, but Bryson is determine to keep her like a canary, trapped in the fortress of a home he lives in while claiming to be protecting her. However in that short time, Trista seems to fall for him just as he’s clearly fallen for her. Everything he claims to be doing is to protect her and the only way to do that is to take her to Croatia with her. She is skeptical and wants nothing more than to go home. With the help of her alters, Trista will finally be able to be one with herself and come to terms with who she is. However, that might not be enough to save her in time.

Let me just start off by saying I think I preferred the first book over the sequel. I think that’s the problem with trilogies, the second book is sort of like body…and filler. There were a lot of parts of me that just couldn’t get into the book, especially most of the beginning. I think I preferred the alter take-over, and when I got to see more of Marvy. This book was all about Trista, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but a lot of it just seemed…hard to get into…

First off, I prefer Trista to Marvy. She’s smart, funny, playful, and has a good head on her shoulders.
I just wasn’t prepared to read about her time with Bryson, which was the majority of the book.
Their chemistry was amazing and the book was extremely descriptive but Bryson seemed too much like the knight in shining armour…even Alex did. Every guy seemed too perfect. Where was the chip on their shoulder? I mean the guy was supposed to be some big boss right? He was too much…the kind-hearted giant, (not to mention he was like twenty years her senior. Not being prejudice, but at least she was eighteen. It’s just odd to picture is all – my own parents are fourteen years apart so I can’t say anything).

As I said before, the book was extremely descriptive, and part of me believe that it took away from the value of this novel. A lot of times I sat there and said, ‘Let’s get on with it…this is just filler, I don’t need all this description’. The book really only picked up when Trista finally decided to do something about her situation. All the action came at the end and even though it was pretty bad-ass it leaves readers with a lot of questions… (well duh she did warn us about the cliffhanger).

Another thing I want to sort of point out is, WHAT’S GOING ON WITH HER FAMILY!? SERIOUSLY!? Is like no one the least bit concerned or something, about an eighteen year old being out with no contact? I mean like…isn’t there some GPS bug tracker thingy that they could like…insert into her vein or something. If I was her mom I’d be flipping out! If I was her best friend I’d be flipping out too. Shouldn’t someone be worried!? ANYONE!? Seriously FBI or CIA or whoever, get your ish together – you really shouldn’t be losing tabs on one of your agents or moles…like…I’d sue.

There was a lot I felt that was sort of lacking in this book compared to the first one.
I loved the creativity and the interaction between Marvy and Trista but I just didn’t see this happening too much. There were bits and pieces that just didn’t quite fit together. There were a lot of questions left unanswered that would hopefully be answered and a lot of wondering where the third book will go. After the cliffhanger it’s really hard to say…
I’m still looking forward to see how the rest of the story unfolds in the third book and hope it’ll be an improvement to this one.

3.5/5 Hearts of Love

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