The Mistress – Review

That’s right, you heard me.
Not wrecked, like this book wrecked me more like….REKKKKKKTTTTT like my soul…my entire being….
I don’t even want to write a review for this book because I can’t write anything.
I have so many feels, such swellings in my heart, such thoughts in my head.
I feel like I can’t even make sense….nothing I write from this point on is going to make sense.
Just that this book, this series, it CHANGED ME! It did things to me a book shouldn’t have the power to do, and it’s made me want things I shouldn’t want…

Nora is missing, and it’s up to Soren and Kingsley to find her.
The only thing is they already know who has her, and it’s someone they thought had died a long time ago.
Kingsley is determined to do this alone, to confront his past, to face his demons, but Soren won’t let him as the burden is as much his as it is Kingsley’s. What neither of them could have expected was the support from various family members and friends who all care about Nora, who will do absolutely anything to save her.
Meanwhile, Nora is tortured by a ghost from Soren and Kingsley’s past, who isn’t a ghost at all and who is very much alive. Her quick wit and smart mouth has kept her alive this long, but how long will her luck hold out?
Even though times are dire she knows one thing is for certain: Soren loves her and he’ll do anything to protect her.

“Because there is nothing I wouldn’t do to protect you, Eleanor. Nothing I wouldn’t do to help you. And nothing I wouldn’t do to save you. Nothing.”

Author Tiffany Reisz

Author Tiffany Reisz

I will admit to have never reading an erotica novel SO FULL OF LOVE and devotion. Everything that happens in this book, in this series is absolutely crazy. Crazy in a good way. I literally couldn’t put this book down and just read it like my life depended on it, because let’s face it, my sanity did. I’m now quite convinced that at one point I was Team Nora x Soren, but now I’m even more convinced that I’m Team Soren x Nora x Kingsley, because they are the BOMB! Happily Ever Afters really do exist… And it’s books like these that make women everywhere desire a great love – a love like those three.

“When he loved, what he loved, who he loved, he loved eternally.”

The amount of love those three have for each other is so profound it blows my mind…
Everything they’ve been through, their entire lives leading up to this book…everything had purpose.
Soren would do anything to protect Nora, and you can bet Kingsley would do the same. They’re like one big kinky family – a family I would LOVE to be apart of.
I legit can’t even talk about how good this book and this series is, only that I hope in the future I can read it again and be filled with just as many emotions….because DAMN!!! The amount of feels I have right now….is just too real.

Actual rating of the book…

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