The Prince – Review

TheMistress_BFormat_FINAL_FRONTI’m conflicted.
Don’t worry, I’m conflicted in a good way.
In my last review I mentioned I was Team NoraxSoren all the way (because I don’t believe in putting two names together to make a single name…no). I will always been team NoraxSoren, but Team KingsleyxSoren really does have some appeal…
CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG AND LOVE EACH OTHER IN A THREESOME!? Oh, wait a minute, they did…sorta 😉
Joking aside though, I’m loving this series more and more as I go along. Now I understand all the raving reviews and wish I’d read this series sooner (or had more of my friends urge me to read it).
The Prince has steam, it has story, it has mystery, and a passionate-love that readers will cling to with undying affection. Reisz has definitely won my loyalty over, and I’m not even on the last book!

After the events of The Angel, Nora has gone south to Kentucky, to spend time with Wesley in his world. With the secret that Wesley is the Prince of Kentucky now out in the open, Nora feels like she can be more honest with him and he more honest with her. And if there’s one thing he’s going to be honest about it’s declaring his undying love and affection for her.Even with Nora gone, Soren has no problem believing his Little One will always come back to him, after all she always did. Kingsley, however, isn’t convinced of Nora’s feelings and believes she will end up staying with the young Prince instead. During their time away, Soren and Kingsley set out to find out who’s been stealing files and threatening them with blood-written messages.The truth between Soren and Kingsley’s past is also revealed in flashbacks from when the two were in school together, and how two young teenage boys ended up becoming secret lovers.

There are only so many series that I can boast that have caught my attention and that can be held in the highest esteem. The Original Sinners series is definitely one of those series that I will recommend right away, not only for being brilliant, but for being ABSOLUTELY MIND-BLOWING. There was never a moment I didn’t enjoy, never a page turn I didn’t regret, I admit to being absolutely mesmerized by every chapter and event event that went on. Everything was important. There was never a chapter just for filler and that’s what I love in books. Everything leads to something, and everything, every little detail matters.

Readers will get a kick out of Kingsley and Soren’s childhood past, and where their elusive relationship began. Kingsley and Soren were destined to be together, but I believe the three of them (Nora included) were destined to rule the Underworld. In these flashbacks, Soren is clearly devoted and just as much in love with Kingsley as he is with Nora, but times change, but not once did Kingsley’s affection and devotion for him change – not even in thirty years.

“I have nothing in me that you cannot break. I would let you destroy me, and then I would resurrect myself from my own ashes for the honor of being destroyed by you again.”

In Nora and Wesley’s story, we find real love and devotion. The kind you wait for, the kind you dream of, and often times the kind you don’t expect. Nora doesn’t know it but she’s in love with Wesley. It’s different than the kind of love she has for Soren, but in some respect the same. There are worlds between the two men and two different kinds of love. Really, can’t Nora just find a nice guy her age? Considering the world she lives in I suppose not.

Wesley looked down at her and Nora could barely meet his brown eyes, which bored into her with the fiery love of a guardian angel. God probably had eyes like Wesley’s…..anyone who looked into them wanted to immediately apologize for any and all sins ever committed.

Author Tiffany Reisz

Author Tiffany Reisz

Despite the differences in lifestyle and in men, Nora is determined to keep Wesley in her life, but he is determined to keep her in an entirely different manner. He doesn’t believe in Soren’s ways nor does he think Nora is good with him and actually hates him with a passion, but as we all know, Soren is the best man on Earth and the best priest.

This is really one of those kinds of series that I can’t praise enough. Every novel I read deserves praise, but occasionally, although rarely, some are able to make it to my top recommended list. It’s been a very long time since reading or experiencing a book with such passion and such emotion. Every page turn made my heart beat faster. It’s the kind of book and series you can’t wait to finish but also the kind you want to devour slowly. I encourage all Erotica or Romance readers, even Adult Fiction readers to pick this book and series up immediately! It will change your life as it has changed mine.

7/5 Hearts of Love
(You might be wondering why 7, why not 5/5 or 10/5 as some of my reviews have been given such praise.
Well as much as I loved The Prince, I didn’t love it as much as I loved The Angel. There was just something about it…oh well! It’s still better than 5/5!)

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