This Girl – Review

15784909Rewrite. Because my stupid self deleted the original in thinking that I’d posted it already.
Note: This review will not be as good as I have to write it from memory.

Here’s the final book that ends Colleen Hoover’s wonderful debut series, the Slammed series, and let me say it definitely hits you in the feels.
Now that Layken and Will have found their happily ever after they need to pause and reflect on the events that brought them together. These two are extremely lucky in the circumstance that has brought them together, even though those circumstances were extremely painful for both parties. Still to be so young and have someone so dedicated to you is really something any girl would dream of. I really am happy for this couple and how the series turned out in the end.

Nothing about Will and Layken’s relationship is anything but conventional. The circumstances that flung them together are circumstances no one can dream about being in when they’re teenagers.
But now happily married, Will and Layken are spending their non-conventional honeymoon together learning about how they got together and how even from the beginning Will was just as in love with her as she was him.

After reading several male POV novels I’ve come to the conclusion that personally I just don’t’ care for them.
I don’t mean reading the novel where it’s the male POV telling the story, I mean reading the female POV and then the male POV the following book or several books later. I just don’t see the point.
Sure, sometimes authors add in extra chapters that weren’t included in the female POV but generally it’s all the same. I’ve mentioned this before that when I read opposite POV novels I find myself trying harder to remember the events of the first book rather than enjoy the one I’m currently reading – and that’s really frustrating.
I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with this book, I just didn’t care for it.
That being said, it won’t deter my review for this beautifully written novel.

Author Colleen Hoover

Author Colleen Hoover

In Slammed, we got to see the world from Layken’s eyes and how she perceived Will, well in This Girl we get to see Will and what he was feeling when he first met Layken to everything he’s done for her since their first meeting. I thought he was incredibly sweet and selfless but I really wish he would have just communicated that to her instead of keeping his distance so she’d spend more time with her family. Sure there were a few extra points that were different from the first novel but they were both generally the same.

I thought it was extremely cute that they spent their honeymoon reminiscing, even if they reminisced about the good times and the bad times.
In the end I’m happy for them, and Hoover, because the success of this novel has led to so much more and I couldn’t be happier for someone who works so hard and does a lot of good work for the community and charities.
I’m sad to see their story end but who knows, maybe one day we’ll get a Gavin x Eddie story.

4/5 Hearts of Love

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