The Angel – Review

yHhiWWYYou know that feeling that you get when something changes your life and you have literally no idea how to react? Yeah, that’s how I feel about this book. I honestly had no expectations going into this series. I’d had it on my shelf for a while and I’d heard…some good things about it so I figured, why not pick it up?
The first book surprised me, which I enjoyed, but the second book, The Angel, by Tiffany Reisz….
HOLY MOTHER FFFFREAKING &$@))(!&%^##@)~~!!!!
This book has…I don’t even have words, this book has changed me, no THIS SERIES has changed me.
It’s been a very long time since I’ve thoroughly enjoyed a book or series this much, and believe the Original Sinners to be included in my Top 5 or Top 10 list of series to read.

After being apart from her lover, Soren, for several years, Nora Sutherlin has finally decided to return home to him. In returning to him she had to give up something she treasured and loved very much, and that was her intern Wesley. Nora, however, seems perfectly content where she is, apart from thinking of Wesley from time to time. But now the lovers face a problem. Their relationship is in danger on multiple fronts and for their safety Soren decides to send her and his young pupil, Michael, away to keep them from harm.
While spending the summer with infamous trust-baby, Griffin Fiske, Nora as been tasked with training Michael to be the perfect submissive. While training him, Griffin has been commanded by Soren not to sleep with Michael before he is fully trained, however Michael and Griffin form an unlikely bond that surprises everyone in the end.

Take a mystery novel like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and pair it up with Game of Thrones and you just MIGHT have something close to what this book is…with a bit of erotica mixed in, and obviously set in modern times.
When people would ask me what I’m reading I wouldn’t say just erotica. This book, this series isn’t about the sex, it’s about the relationships these people have with each other and how they live with the lifestyle choices they make – it’s so beautiful written and incredibly fascinating to read.

Like in Game of Thrones, The Angel has multiple character views, however the difference is that each chapter isn’t separated by a POV and that there could be multiple POV’s in every chapter. I found this method much clever as each POV left you on a cliff-hanger and left you wanting more. In Game of Thrones there were so many character views that I didn’t care for and I wanted to skip through all of the boring ones to get to the juicy bits. However in this book, readers are prone to care about every single POV and every character in the book. No one is more important and everyone has a story they need to tell and I think Reisz’s way of writing the book this way is absolutely genius. My heart was pounding with every turn of the page.

Author Tiffany Reisz

Author Tiffany Reisz

I definitely liked this book over the first one – not saying the first wasn’t good.
I think because I got to see Nora with Soren, and more of Michael who we saw little of in the first book.
SOREN IS LOVE. Team Soren all the way. These two belong together. I’ve never seen a couple more suited for each other in my life – however I just hope it remains that way…for I fear there aren’t too many happy endings where Nora Sutherlin was concerned.

“Michael, Eleanor is without a doubt the most beautiful woman who has ever or will ever live. If you could take a nighttime thunderstorm and turn it into a woman, you would have a very good idea what she looks like. And a fairly good idea how she behaves as well.”

Everything Soren does, all his intentions, it’s all for her; even I would argue that he’s in love with her, well, as in love as he can be considering he’s a priest, and she would give him everything, if she weren’t conflicted about her boyish intern Wesley. What I love about a man is his dedication, his loyalty, and his love towards her and both of these men exhibit these qualities – I think I’m just partial to older men 😉

Seriously, I loved absolutely everything about this book, I loved all the mystery behind it, I loved the connections the characters made, and I loved the loyalty and dedication they had towards each other, everything was just absolutely perfect. There’s nothing I would change, nothing I would do differently…everything was just LOVE!
I hope I love the third and fourth books just as much, and then I’m so happy because I have the White Years to read and I’m very excited for more young Nora and Soren fun times. I’m just drooling in anticipation!!

10/5 Hearts of Love

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