Beautiful Sacrifice – Review

beautiful_sacrifice_coverHere we are with another Maddox Brother Novel!
We finally meet with one of the twins, Taylor, who’s finally met his match with Falyn Fairchild. It seems the way to attract a Maddox boy is to want nothing to do with them. Either ignore them or push them away. I don’t know how this method works in real life…but that’s what fiction is for. Taylor, had to grow on me, just like he had to grow on Falyn (who I will forever pronounce as Fayln because it just sounds better). I swear if it wasn’t for her attitude and the similarities in the way she and I process information and emotion, I probably wouldn’t have liked this book. There are a lot of themes that I have issues with which I’ll address, but of course it’s all about the love story and how a Maddox boy will do anything for the woman he loves. And really that’s the most important thing right?

Everyone has baggage in their life, some sort of secret, or something they keep inside so they don’t completely break down. Well for years Falyn Fairchild has been working at Bucksaw Diner saving what she can for a special trip. This has been her only goal and the only thing keeping her going for years. Her daily routine of working at the diner is suddenly interrupted when the local Hotshot crew comes in for lunch; among them is the infamous Taylor Maddox, who falls for Falyn almost immediately and will stop at nothing to get her attention. Although she does anything and everything in her power to keep him off her back it seems that fate has brought them together for a reason. He’s her ticket out of town and back to Eakins where she believes she can find peace to the secrets she’s been keeping all along. The only thing is the ticket comes with a price…Taylor Maddox, and despite her every effort Falyn finds herself falling just as hard.

I’m beginning to see a pattern with these Maddox brothers, and don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a Maddox brother as much as the next girl but there’s just something…A little…off? About them?
This was definitely my favourite in terms of female lead although I’m pretty sure I said that about Liis… Well she’s my favourite in terms of emotional and mental state. There are a lot of things I would have done exactly the same as her and a lot of things that I found she was justified on.
To be honest, I saw the plot twist coming a mile away…. 😛
I don’t know if it was supposed to be obvious or I’m just that good at picking up on these things but for those of you that didn’t get it…don’t feel bad. Point is…I get the reason why she made her choices.

Girl’s got some sass, and OBVIOUSLY Maddox boys love sass. You don’t see any of them going out with a shy girl (boo there goes my luck), so I guess ladies, learn from this…in order to get a man…you must have sass. And I have sass! Just…not in person, in the moment. Falyn is LITERALLY the dictionary definition of a strong, independant, female woman. She doesn’t take ish from no body and can take care of herself. But it also helps that she has an amazing family (unrelated) to support her, and that is extremely key in living a healthy lifestyle. Seriously, those parents….I would have walked away too…

Taylor’s smile faded. “Can I borrow your washer and dryer?”
He looked both ways, down each direction of the street, and then back at me. “Well…is there a Laundromat nearby?”
“On Platte Avenue. Just turn left on Platte, off Tejon. It’s just before you get to Institute Street. Right across from the supply store,” Phaedra called.
I spun around to see her pointing in the correct direction. I shot her a look, and she shrugged her shoulders.
“You wanna come?” he asked, “Laundromats are boring af.”
I pressed my lips together and then pulled them to the side, trying not to smile. This is it. I raeched over and turned the key that was already in the lock. “Come in.”
“”You sure?”
“Oh, now, you’re worried about overstepping?”
“Not really,”

Now let’s talk about Taylor.
On my Maddox scale…I’d say…. Thomas, Travis, Taylor, Tyler? Trent. (Haven’t read Tyler’s story yet so I’m just assuming..). Don’t get me wrong Trent lovers. Love the boy in tattoos but his story…wasn’t…I dunno it didn’t…do anything for me on an emotional level.

Author Jamie McGuire

Author Jamie McGuire

I love Taylor’s attitude when approaching Falyn, he’s just so…chill about it and willing to be friends? Maybe? Or was that all a ruse? Nah I think it was real. And to be honest I’d love having a Maddox as just a friend. Women can have guy friends and guys can have female friends. It’s all about TRUST! AND COMMUNICATION! I think Taylor would be really fun to have around and at the same time be scared he’s not coming back…so I get what Falyn is so worried about when he takes her out. Still his intentions are good and he’s not a total d-bag, but he did end up making some bad choices….which knocked him down a couple of points. I mean really, Taylor? Really? Be a man!

The overall flow of this book was sort of…all over the place. There was just a lot going on…
No spoilers but there was the thing with Falyn and then the conflict after that I was like….woah what, there’s a lot going on here. It was just a lot…going on and it all happened so fast. There were time skips that were fine with me but at the same time I was just like…not feeling the flow of the book. Thomas’ story is still my favourite hands down. Well, one brother to go.

Still a Maddox girl at heart and I think I’d still want Thomas out of all of them even though he scares the living crap outta me…but maybe that’s good cause then he wouldn’t take my ish 😉
Taylor is definitely the brother I’d want to have as a really, really, really good friend if I couldn’t date him. He seems like he’d be a lot of fun and be a good shoulder to cry on. But I’m happy because Falyn and Taylor found their happily ever after. Now I wish I could figure out where mine is…

4/5 Hearts of Love

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