Debt Inheritance – Review

T21400356his book right now…
Holy crap….(am I allowed to say that?)
I have never, in my life read a book, where I’ve literally finished and said nothing – felt nothing.
I’m literally sitting here, writing this, the second I finished and DON’T KNOW HOW TO FEEL.
I’ve read several books that have angered me, and some that make me want to punch the main character(s), but never had I read a book that makes me feel like….I don’t know what… It’s actually disturbingly frustrating and sort of scary…
I want to read more, I want to see how this ends, because this is one heck of a story and isn’t typical in any sense of the word. If I coulf relate this to any other work of fiction…the first thing that would come to my mind is Beauty and the Beast except a more modern, twisted and effed up version, where there’s happy ending in sight.

The Weavers come from old money and have built an empire from textiles and expensive fabrics. Nila Weaver and her twin brother, Vaughn, have been working tirelessly on Nila’s fashion line that will debut in Milan. Blissfully ignore, she doesn’t know is that her life is about to change forever with the arrival of the man that will soon…inherit her. Taken, or rather convinced to leave with mysterious the Jethro Hawk, Nila discovers her family’s dark history and perhaps greatest shame; Jethro owns her but she has no idea what that means or how to act. Nila believes she can breakfree somehow and get her life back, but no matter what, the Hawks seem to be one step ahead of her and break her down at every turn. The only way to survive is to learn, keep her mouth shut, and do as she’s told.

This book right now.
Can we just talk about how messed up this book is?
I mean perhaps I didn’t read the warning but DAMN, this book is so dark…. Like twisted, like holy crap. You just want to feel so bad for this girl…And you just want her to win but stupid Hawks are like totally god-modding right now! (Gamer term where one side is completely over-powering the other under unfair terms). I’m literally at this point where there’s no way this girl is going to get out alive, like really… There’s NO ROMANCE, and if there is hallejuah! But if there isn’t I wouldn’t be surprised. I’m not saying I hated it because there was no romance in it, NO! I’m just saying….damn…this girl is screwed.

In that moment, I shed my kitten baby-fur and embraced a new pelt. One that filled me with fight. One that embraced the elongating claws I’d begun to grow.

What could I possibly say about Nila Weaver and Jethro Hawk…
The question is what can I NOT say.
Here is this young woman, trying to live her life to the fullest and all of a sudden she’s swept up by the man and turned into…well…not going to give that away. I mean what would you do in this situation? I honestly FELT HER DESPERATION, I mean who couldn’t sympathize with her. She tries so hard to figure a way out and just…the struggle is so real…
Meanwhile, this Jethro guy…is some serious shenanigans. Like… Where does his family have the right!? Like HOLY CRAP, the anger I felt for this guy…like HOW DARE you treat another human being like that…man,it was for reals… I couldn’t read him and I have no idea what he wants and it’s absolutely frustrating and devastating.

“To dispel any thought of running, there’s over one thousand hectares of land. You’d never find your way to the boundary. You’re trapped.” His lips grazed over my jaw. “You’re mine.”

I have no idea, how I feel about this book or who to recommend this book to… Maybe if you’re looking for a dark read or something completely different, and unusual than yes, this dark and unrelenting read is for you.

4/5 Stars because this book messed me up

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