Perfect Plans – Review

PErfectFirst of all, who WOULDN’T want to read a romance about meeting your favourite celebrity/actor crush falling in love with you? That’s pretty much a no brainer… At least that’s what got me to pick up a copy of Perfect Plans by C. J. Wells. Sure it may sound like a typical romance, that would probably never happen in your lifetime, but it’s fun to read about it and wish it was your life…that’s why they call it fiction, right?
Aside from Alexander Tate being a total babe… (coughHenryCavillcough), Abigail Ryan (Aby) is a HOOT! She’s hilarious and in my opinion…extremely realistic to the typical woman in her late thirties trying to find her way in life and romance. I do like that this book made me smile more than it made me swoon and kept me coming back for more!

Abigail Ryan has always wanted more out of life and out of love. After marrying young and thinking she’d found her happily ever after she now questions what she has and wants something more…
Uprooting herself from Toronto, she moves to London, UK to start over and to try to find a man who can fit her ‘tall bill’. She’d have never guessed that she’d meet infamous actor and celebrity crush, Alexander Tate, or even consider that he’d be the who to cross off every item on her list.
Alexander Tate is every woman’s fantasy. Rich, famous, a gentleman, and everything you could ever want in a man. Now imagine meeting him and falling straight into his lap? What would you do with a chance like that?

Author C. J. Wells

Author C. J. Wells

I’m seriously surprised I enjoyed this book as much as I did. I honestly though it’d be just another romance with your swooning and your smut…but it was so much more than that.
This book just seemed so real…and honest with the way Aby acted to the situations around her and I think that’s what was the most relatable part of the book for me. If that was me in her place I’m not sure I’d be able to keep composed…or I’d be suspicious of everything, even more so than she is. I will give Aby mad props for being completely honest and straight with what she wants. Is it really such a bad thing to know what you want and to go for it with your whole heart?

“Look, you’re a celebrity. Currently being stared at by everyone. That’s far from normal. I’m unnerved just sitting here. Simply put, you’re a superstar, and for me to be sitting with you just doesn’t happen in real life. This entire scenario is just a bit much. And just so there’s no confusion, by scenario I mean, an average girl – like me – catching the eye of said superstar for anything more than a quick lay.”

I think this novel is very well balanced in terms of romance, realism, smut, and conflict. Perhaps it could have used a little bit more of a conflict but I understood where it was coming from. Dating a celebrity isn’t easy and the best thing you could do if you love someone is to let them go. At least that’s what movies and books say… Why not just fight for them? Still, circumstances being what they are it’s hard to fight for someone who lives in a completely different world than you and you don’t know where your place in it is… (Seriously am I talking about the book or am I just talking about how I was watching The Longest Ride last night 😛 )

Alex would do just about anything and everything for Aby, and I think his biggest flaw is just that. He’s just SOOO PERFECT. Obviously it’s fiction but I mean…it just feels like nothing will upset him, that he’s just not angry for a good enough reason. I feel like he just needs…more to him to make him a bit more human a little less perfect. Of course who wouldn’t want perfect but I mean, COME ON! A guy who’d do just about anything and everything for a woman…and I mean literally anything…it’s no wonder bloggers like me are single, am I right?!~

I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Alex and Aby in Book Two, Take a Bow. But until then I high recommend this book as an escape and an insight about what it would be like to perhaps date your perfect celebrity crush. Now if only the rest of us were so lucky.

5/5 Hearts of Love

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