Forever Jack – Review

FOREVER, JACK_COVER_R3The one thing I regret is not reading this book sooner!
Me and my stupid self waited almost a year to read this book after I’d finished the first novel, Eversea.
I usually like to read series in one sitting, or one after the other so I don’t forget what had happened in the previous novel. Forever Jack takes place almost immediately after Eversea ends and ties up a lot of loose ends about what happened with Jack and Keri Ann after the events that led to their ‘separation’. Once again Jack Eversea proves that there is more to life than fame and money, that some things are more important, and that there are such things as already being in love right when you meet a person.

A mistake and a bad decision. That’s what led infamous actor, Jack Eversea to his current predicament.
His ex-lover and agent blackmailed him and forced him to leave the best thing to ever happen to him, and Keri Ann was left broken-hearted and back to square one with nothing but the memories of Jack to hold her at night.
But life goes on and Jack is determined to fix everything he’d broken when he left Butler Cove.
After several months of radio silence and another movie later, Jack returns in pursuit of Keri Ann in hopes of getting back together with her. But after several months, Keri Ann has moved on. She’s applied and been accepted into an art school, has her own gallery showing coming up and is working towards a better future for herself – a future without Jack. When he comes waltzing back into her life of course she’s skeptical, of course she can’t trust him, but part of her remembers…remembers and yearns for him, and she doesn’t know how long she can go without being with him. The only problem is that even though Jack is back will she be able to live with his lifestyle?


Author Natasha Boyd

I’ve probably said this a bunch of times but I can’t stress the fact that I love women who can make up their own minds. Women like Keri Ann HAVE STANDARDS and won’t let anyone push them around or will change their minds easily. I’m sure many women would love to go out with a celebrity like Jack, but Keri Ann knows what sort of life is…the paparazzi, being defined by dating him, not being able to make her own way in the world and that’s tough. It really is a hard life to live and she knows it and that’s why I have to give her MAD PROPS for confronting Jack about it. It is her life and their life and there has to be some sort of compromise.

Jack’s best qualities come from his perseverance in going after what he wants. He wants Keri Ann, he knows he can be happy with her, she is his everything, and even if she’s dating someone else he’d still fight for her. I mean some people may think his actions may seem a tad bit obsessive…but he does it in a tolerable romantic way. The point is that he fights for what he wants, he isn’t rude about it, and he will not take no for an answer. Again, some people may think it’s too much, or that it only works because Jack is hawt, and a movie star, and famous, but IT CAN WORK with the right attitude, which is why Jack is top in my books.

A lot of this book was about Jack winning Keri Ann back after what happened at the end of book one, and Keri Ann forgiving him and letting him back into her life. As often as this sort of storyline/theme has been used it is enjoyable in doses. Keri Ann is sensible enough to know that life with Jack will be hard, and to know that he could turn around and get any girl he wanted; I can understand her need to be skeptical. But life and relationships can or have to sometimes be about compromise… If you want to be with someone you have to learn to make sacrifices and I think that’s what this book is mainly about…sacrifices and forgiveness.

Here’s to one of the cutest couples ever! Although I do say if you’re going to read this series read one after the other and don’t wait like I did. You’ll fall in love with Jack instantly and he’ll prove that he’s worth your love and affection. And being famous doesn’t hurt his cause either.

4/5 Hearts of Love

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