Beautiful Redemption – Review

That’s it. That’s all I have to say and want to say about Beautiful Redemption and Thomas Maddox.
Holy mother freaking emm geee!!! What the hell?
Move over Travis Maddox, because there’s a new love in my life and his name is Thomas! *swoon*
Travis Maddox (Beautiful Disaster) changed the face of fictional boyfriends everywhere. In Beautiful Redemption you follow the story of his oldest brother Thomas, introduced in the first Maddox Brother book, Beautiful Oblivion, as he works through his feelings for his ex in order to love the girl who’s stolen his heart. Thomas Maddox is…man….I can’t even talk about it…just thinking about him, just typing his name is making me CRAZY! If you liked Travis you’ll fall HEAD OVER HEELS for Thomas.

Liis Lindy is the type of woman who doesn’t mind being married to her job. She loves working for the FBI and is a strong, independent, ambitious woman. After transferring to San Diego and leaving behind everything she was familiar with, Liis meets and has a one-night stand with her neighbour, who happens to live one floor directly above her. Her first day in Squad Five she finds out that her one-night stand didn’t come ‘no strings attached’. Turns out he was her boss. Thomas Maddox is the FBI’s Golden Boy. He’s stern, intimidating, and kind of an asshole. But Liis isn’t intimidated by him and is determined to do her job – well. Thing is, how are you expected to do well when your boss is starting to develop romantic feelings for you? And to make matters worse, as much as he wants to move on, he’s is still in love with his ex, Camille. Agent Lindy will just have to decide on what’s more important, her career, or love?

Author Jamie McGuire

Author Jamie McGuire

I will admit that I wasn’t really feeling Trenton in his book Beautiful Oblivion. I mean he was alright and all, definitely a Maddox to the T, but Thomas…phew….*fans self* Thomas is something.
I don’t know what it is about fictional men, and maybe I like them because they’re fictional but men who take life by the balls and men that are kind of assholes are pretty damn hot. What’s even hotter is that behind every strong man there’s a strong woman. And Liis Lindy is ONE HELL of a woman.
She is the woman every woman should aspire to be one day. Even I look up to her. I would gladly say, “When I…reached that age of maturity (or whatever), I want to be as bad-ass as Liis Lindy.” she’s definitely one of my MOST FAVOURITE FEMALE PROTAGONISTS.

All emotion left my face. “You don’t have cats.”
“But I like cats.”
I leaned back, and I hit my desk, frustrated. “You don’t like cats.”
“You don’t know me that well.”
I hid behind my monitor again. “I know that you either have a miracle lint brush, or you don’t have cats.”
“I could still like cats.”
I leaned over. “You’re killing me.”

Liis and Thomas are like what I wish to be….smart, and witty.
The best thing about Liis is that she doesn’t take any of Thomas’ crap and he ABSOLUTELY loves it. He loves she’s a strong woman, and that she doesn’t need protecting, but she just can’t handle being with someone who’s in love with someone else. I mean who would? Why would you put yourself through that? That’s just torture.

“You can love someone without wanting to be with them. Just like you can want to be with someone before you love them.”

Although it’s obvious that Thomas, Liis and Squad Five are older than Travis and Abby it’s really funny to see them all interact in their ‘work’ environment. For being in the FBI they act as if they’re in some sort of high school reality show. Everyone has their quirks, everyone has drama, and everyone has their secrets. It is actually very entertaining to watch not just Thomas and Liis interact but Liis and the rest of the team.

Any girl should count herself lucky because a Maddox loves forever. However Liis has her own mind, morals and an INCREDIBLE amount of respect for herself. As much as I don’t like to see a man beg (lol – yes I do) I’m happy for their happy ending. A woman deserves to be chased by a man she deems equal. I just hope the twins (Taylor and Tyler Maddox) can follow suit.

5/5 Hearts of Love

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