Day 10: LAST DAY – Universal and Islands of Adventure

Here we go, our last LAST OFFICIAL day in Orlando, and we’re spending it finishing off with Universal and Islands of Adventure.

It was a beautiful sunny day and our day was dedicated to getting autographs, re-riding rides we enjoyed, and doing some last minute shopping. It was so nice and hot out today we finally figured out the secret to Florida weather. When it’s super-hot outside, that means it’s going to rain.

We did a lot of walking around since Connie really wanted to get Woody and Winnie’s autograph. We kept missing them so we had to loiter and fill our time before we saw them again. We saw Marilyn, Megatron (finally!), and we even saw the Hop parade. Seriously, it was so hot…I felt so bad for all those people in costume and moving and jumping around the place….oh my god. We stayed and got pictures with them before hoping into the Transformers line again, because why not. It was a great ride, even though the Single Rider’s line was long. Outside Transformers we found Optimus, so all we needed was Bumblebee.

Instead, we headed back to the entrance to wait for Woody and Winnie. It was SO INSANELY HOT that I went into the “I Love Lucy” store and just soaked up all the air conditioning. It was actually pretty interesting considering I hadn’t watched the show. Finally, Woody and Winnie came out and they were adorable! Not too far from them we found Professor Brown from Back to the Future and Interviewed him. He was awesome!

On our way over to the Mummy ride, we passed by Transformers again and luckily caught Bumblebee outside the hanger. I wonder if it’s just one guy that does all the Transformers or more than one….
After stuffing our bags and my wand into the lockers we ran into the museum. The wait time wasn’t that long so we road together. I don’t remember the ride being that intense. A lot of it was in the dark and we banged against the shoulder restraint a lot. By the time I got off, I swear my rib was bruised or something. After trying on some Egyptian garb and playing with the stuffed animals, it was time to be a wizard!

We had lugged my wand with us all day in the hopes of being wizards. In Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley there are interactive spots where if you purchase an interactive wand, you can cast spells in the park. It’s actually super neat! At first, we thought we sucked at it, and spent at least five minutes standing in front of a spell spot. Turns out, it was broken – so we didn’t suck as much as we thought we did. The next spell I remember casting was Aquamenti.
On our first day there we were watching a kid cast the spell to make the water fountain work, instead, the fountain spit on Connie and I; it was hilarious! At first I couldn’t get the spell to work, but after a couple of tries, and some help from the staff I did.

Connie was a much better wizard than I was and I was sort of jealous. Maybe the key to magic isn’t trying so hard. After we walked around and cast a few more spells, it was time to go uniform shopping. We bought our sweaters, now it was time to buy a robe. The attendants were very helpful in helping Connie and I select a school robe. I was in Hufflepuff and she was in Gryffindor, although I wonder if she would end up in Hufflepuff like me. Part of me felt like the robs were too big despite it being “the style”. Seriously, my robe looked massive…and it was an XS! I ended up buying the scarf, the robe, and a Hufflepuff house patch to iron onto my clothing. Now I just needed the tie, the dress shirt, and the skirt.

On our way to Hogsmeade and King’s Cross Station, somehow I missed that the Quidditch store was selling Quidditch sweaters. I wanted to support my house and buy a Hufflepuff sweater, but it was like $108 dollars! Then again, it is made out of 100% Lamb’s wool and made in Scotland. That import though.

We then headed over to Hogsmeade via train to cast some more spells there. Connie and I were equally matched but I still think she was the better witch. By this time I was seriously getting tired, my feet were killing me. Connie wanted to head over to Marvel to get her brother a souvenir, but there was no way I was going to do all that walking. I’m sorry but my job requires me to sit on my ass all day, while she works retail and has to stand all day, she has more stamina than me. So, I told her I would sit and wait for her outside of Hogsmeade station.

Eventually, while I was waiting, it started to rain. Just my luck. I wasn’t in the rain long though, because she had amazing timing and came as the rain started to get worse. We were lucky enough to get a train back, but by the time we got to King’s Cross, it was raining worse than cats and dogs out there. People were hiding, taking shelter, I mean there was no way this rain was going to stop. We had a bus to catch though, and as much as I’d have liked to run there, my feet just wouldn’t allow it. I mean it was fair walk from King’s Cross station all the way to the shuttle busses.

It was raining SO HARD that no one was on the roads. The clouds were so gray and it was coming down hard. Connie and I were the only ones walking in the rain with our umbrellas and our ponchos. People probably thought he were crazy! My shoes were just thoroughly soaked through because I didn’t think of bringing open shoes today…
Before we left the park, we headed into the Universal Store for last minute shopping. Connie bought some souvenirs and I bought a Hufflepuff tie, and a gray Hufflepuff scarf for my friend.

The walk to the bus stop was long…and hard….and we waited quite a bit before our bus came.
I’d never been so happy to get back to the hotel.
Now the problem was making sure my suitcase was under 50lbs… I should have brought a carry-on.

We leave tomorrow! I can’t believe how much we’ve done!




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