Gabriel’s Rapture – Review

coverThe saying goes, “If you love something, you’ll sacrifice anything to protect it”.
The love Gabriel Emerson has for his Beatrice is probably more than any woman could possibly bear. In the second installment of the Gabriel’s Inferno series we are shown how far Gabriel is willing to go to protect the love of his life. Now that he’s found her he’d do anything to keep her, but in order to protect her he has to sacrifice everything for her future, even if that means losing her forever. A great love story isn’t just about the romance, the passion, and the sex. A great love story comes from the journey, the trials and tests, and everything after their happily ever after. It doesn’t end when lovers find each other. It can only end when there is no more love between the two, and between Gabriel and Julianne there’s more than enough for the both of them.

The semester is over and now Professor Gabriel Emerson is free to date his former student, Julianne Mitchell. Their winter holidays begin with a quick trip to Italy where Gabriel is set to give a lecture. Their relationship couldn’t be going any better, but even thousands of miles away one slip of the tongue is all that’s needed to force their happiness to spiral out of control. Word of the relationship has gotten out to the faculty and now threatens both Gabriel’s teaching position and Julia’s academic future. Julia wishes to remain united and to stand together with him to prove the love between them is true, but Gabriel has other plans. Will he choose Julia, or will he choose to save her?

This series just gets better and better with each book.
It’s reasonable to hope that sequels and series are consistent all the way through. After the praise I sang after reading Gabriel’s Inferno I wasn’t entirely sure the rest of the trilogy would live up my standards. Reynard and Emerson both surprised me with their intensity, eloquence and determination. I don’t think I’ve read another series as beautiful and as electrifying as this one. It really does deserve all my praise.

As if Gabriel Emerson couldn’t be any more perfect, he throws away everything he’s worked for in order to protect the woman he loves the most – a decision that I doubt was easy to make. Gabriel’s done everything he can to be worthy of Julia, even if she believes she’s not worthy of him. He showers her with love and affection, praise and support, and puts her happiness and her well-being before anything else. Gabriel is an ALPHA-MAN, but he also knows what’s important – the HAPPINESS OF HIS WOMAN.

He lowered his face so their noses were inches apart. “And you are beautiful. Every part of you is a masterpiece, from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. You’re Botticelli’s Venus and Beatrice. Do you have any idea how much I adore you? You captured my heart when I first saw you, when you were seventeen.”

The way to a woman’s heart is using the right words, selflessness, and romance. Gabriel exhibits all these things which is why he’s made women all over the world SWOON with just a mention of him. He knows how to talk, he knows how to treat his woman and he knows how to woo her. Of course the money is a really big help too but it isn’t everything.

Julia’s role in the series continues to be quite substantial despite the fact they have found each other. When their happiness comes into question by means of jealous ex-girlfriends, former students, and faculty, she’s the one that wants to stand on a roof and scream that she loves Gabriel – a surprise gesture considering Julia’s tendency to quiet behaviour at times. No matter what it’s her who wants to keep fighting, but in the end Gabriel is the one who makes the decision.

There is a lot of conflict between the couple in this novel, but with conflict comes the recovery and recovery that will make them stronger than ever. As in Gabriel’s Inferno, the end of the novel seemed a little rushed, with the chapters being much shorter and not as descriptive and detailed as all the others. My guess is that this is done on purpose, because the main focus of the story is on Julianne and Gabriel. Without the two of them together things don’t need to be as detailed. Obviously there is a chunk of the book where the two characters are in the middle of a conflict and Gabriel is off trying to repent while Julia tries to let him go after the ‘mistakes’ he decided to make in terms of their relationship.

“Some men have what I call chivalry syndrome – they want to protect their woman as if they were absolutely helpless. And this might be romantic and exciting for a time, but eventually reality will set in and it will become stifling and patronizing. When one partner does all the protecting and the other does all the receiving, it’s unhealthy.
“Of course, some women have the feminine equivalent of chivalry syndrome – wounded duck attachment. They seek out men who are bad boys or broken and afflicted and attempt to fix them.”

All and all, Gabriel’s Rapture was a beautiful follow-up to the ever continuing love story between Gabriel and Julia. Although I’ll never understand why in some cases he’ll call her Beatrice, in others Julia and in others Julianne. The Gabriel’s Inferno series has certainly earned its place as one of my most highly recommended novels. I can’t wait to see what’s in store in the third and final book in the trilogy Gabriel’s Redemption. I’m sure it’s going to be a masterpiece.

4.5/5 Hearts of Love

P. S.
I think I’m going to put “Meet Sylvain Reynard” on my bucket list of things to do before I die 😀

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