Frayed – Review

1219217_origFrayed – the fourth and final novel in the Connections series.
This drawn out and riveting conclusion of the series tells the story of Ben Covington, Dahlia’s ex, and his one-time lover, Bell Wilde, Dahlia’s sister-in-law. It’s a small world isn’t it, when these two lovers find each other after all that time. Can you imagine how much has changed and how much hasn’t? Like all Connection series novel, the story is about love and finding love after you think it’s gone, and finding that person you feel or felt that instant connection with after being apart. What Ben and Dahlia had was special, but what Ben and Belle have is even more special. Just how long will it take these two to realize what they have is more than just a friendship with benefits?

Ben and Dahlia have been together since they were children. He knew that she was in, she was his happily ever after and he was determined to marry her. But after some choice decisions he had to make in order to save her life, Ben is back from the dead, he’s come home, but only to find his fiancée in love with someone else.
Now Ben is lost and unsure that he’ll ever find a love like Dahlia again, at least until he runs into Bell Wilde – an old flame from his college days. Everything about her drives him wild, but he doesn’t know if it their sexual chemistry or something more that he feels for her.
Meanwhile, Bell Wilde is just starting to put her life back together and trying to start up her own business. The last thing she needs is to be confused by the oncoming approaches of Ben Covington. They have history together and that’s how Bell wants it to remain, but the moment she lets Ben in there’s no stopping him. However she’s keeping secrets from him; secrets she’s afraid if he finds out it will ruin what they have and end what was supposed to be a good thing.

Let me start by repeating my earlier sentiments… IT’S A SMALL WORLD.
I mean wow, what are the odds…what are the odds. Obviously this makes for a more compelling novel where everyone is related to everyone in some way, or everyone knows everyone through a connection but, come on!
Even back in Torn I found it pretty ridiculous that Ben and Bell had a thing back in college. Like what are the CHANCES that Dahlia would end up with River and Ben ends up with the girl he had a one-night thing with, who happens to be River’s sister. I mean HOW CRAZY IS THAT?

I’ll admit Frayed wasn’t my favourite novel in the Connections series, and I will also admit that it was well-drawn out and had a lot of thought put into it. Maybe even a little too much thought. Frayed ended up being the longest out of the Connection series novels, and also the one that I think has a lot of fluff. Some of the chapters I found redundant and some just there for a bit of filler. Some may argue that the series needed more filler, that there wasn’t enough substance. Not every series is for everyone and maybe this series wasn’t for me. I felt bored, and felt that the writing was maybe a little too dull for me. I’m not saying Kim Karr isn’t a talented writer, I just think this book didn’t do it for me…on an emotional scale.

Author Kim Karr

Author Kim Karr

Ben and Bell’s feelings for each other ran deep, deeper than they realized, and it’s those feelings that kept them together, however a secret from Bell’s past can easily break what they’ve worked so hard to rebuild. This, I think is because well….I’m just going to go out and say it, is because Ben is kind of a selfish prick. He didn’t take her feelings at all into consideration and was just…..a huge….d-bag. I mean the way he acted, the way he treated her, There I said it, I’m sorry.

At least in the end, the two were able to work out their secrets and figure out that the past is irrelevant. What matters most is the people or person you want to become now, and the person you want to become moving forward. Frayed is sexy, well-drawn out, and shows you that it can be easy to fall back into love, what’s hard is letting go of the past.

3/5 Hearts of Love

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