Torn – Review

17386062I’m not going to beat around the bush.
After reading Kim Karr’s Connected I had high hopes for the sequels and the followups.
Now… I’m not so sure.
Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed reading Torn; it was definitely a Kim Karr/Connection Series novel. But Torn just didn’t do it for me. River Wilde still makes me weak at the knees but this book in general was almost a mission to finish. Thinking about it now, I think the reason I didn’t like this book very much was because it showed us the very ugly side of relationships, and sometimes you don’t see that in romance novels. Thinking about it, this is probably one of the MOST HONEST romance books I’ve read in a while.

Dahlia London and River Wilde are enjoying their happily ever after. After finding each other again they’re certain that true love does exist and that even after a long period of time, can be rekindled.
But just as they’re about to start their new lives together, a big secret threatens to ruin the happily ever after they planned and expose all the secrets River has tried so hard to keep buried.
With Dahlia’s past back to haunt her, she and River have to work to keep their relationship together. What is he hiding? What is he not telling her? And how can she prove to him that he is all she needs?

I don’t know if maybe this wasn’t the right book for me at the time, or maybe I was looking to read something happier, but while reading Torn I just felt like the story didn’t do it for me. I’m NOT SAYING it was a bad book, I guess I just expected more… I wanted River and Dahlia to have their happily ever after, I really did, but this book was just….a kick in the face really. It showed me the ugly side of relationships; it showed me that communication is VERY IMPORTANT, that secrets are horrible, and that trust is what keeps two people together.

“I want to believe your love is only for me. That your lips are mine. That your kisses are meant for me. That your body belongs to me.” His arms move to my waist and tighten around me and he presses his hard body against mine. “But when you leave me to see him, it’s hard to know for sure.”

To me, this book felt like a balance of two things.
Angst and Sex.
It wasn’t until the end did I see the River Wilde I loved.
But that’s the thing about relationships. They do have an ugly side and we have to acknowledge them.
What’s the point of reading romance novels that end with the happily ever after? What happens afterwards? We can’t expect it to always be love and romanticism all the time, because when is real life ever like that?

Author Kim Karr

Author Kim Karr

There was A LOT of angst in this book and like a lot of couples I think, they tried to avoid it with sex. Obviously that isn’t something healthy but still a lot of people do it. More than once in the book I was getting so sick and tired of everyone fighting and yelling that I just wanted to say, “Can we all please be adults about this and just sit in a room…and just let it all out…” seriously, I was that annoyed. It was angst, sex, angst, sex, angst, sex…over and over. And it did get repetitive at least until the end…when everything was FINALLY resolved.

Apart from everything I’ve mentioned above, I still appreciate this novel for what it is. Even though it was sort of annoying. River is still amazing hot, Dahlia knows exactly what she wants and isn’t afraid to go for it, and they were just two people in love put into really bad situations. The most important thing is that they stuck it out, even if they were being stubborn, and worked it out together, as a couple. On an entertainment scale though, I guess it wasn’t what I was looking for. The sex scenes were hot, but that was all I’m sure Mended will be really different and I look forward to it.

3/5 Hearts of Love

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