Down London Road – Review

16140408I’m going to do something I’ve never done in a review before… I’m going to post a picture to describe how this book made me feel…
Are you ready?
Are you ready for it?
I’m not even ready for it…
Okay, here we go…


That. That was literally my reaction to Down London Road. This book hit me HARD, right in the feels, I was sure at one point I was going to start crying (and that would have been a first since I’ve never shed tears while reading…but I ALMOST DID). This book, and this series by Samantha Young is MORE than I could have possibly imagined. I can’t believe how much I love this book and this series and am sort of kicking myself that I didn’t pick it up sooner. The On Dublin Street series is HARDCORE ROMANCE that will leave you completely breathless.

Johanna Walker is the definition of an independent woman. She has two jobs, works hard, and is the primary caretaker of her kid brother, Cole. After her mother became a drunk and her father left them she decided she would do everything she could to give her brother the life he deserved. She had everything under control, everything was fine, at least until she met Cameron MacCabe. He’s pretentious, he’s rude, but he’s unbelievable sexy and not typically the type of guy Jo would go for. Even though she’s got a boyfriend, which she’s hoping to keep around, she can’t help but feel this undeniable attraction to him, and for once wants to be selfish and put her needs before her brother’s. What Jo doesn’t realize is that Cam is everything she wants and truly needs in a man. And he’s determined to stick around, even if it means uncovering all her secrets and bringing down the wall she’s built around herself.

Holy jeez mother of God….are these guys hot or what?
I’m going to be honest here… I did judge this book by its cover, and the same goes for On Dublin Street, but when I finally cracked them open….OMG MY EYES! I have been enlightened to the genius and brilliance that is Samantha Young.
Let me point this out to you right now, before I continue.
This book, and this series is…literally…gushy romance….pretty much chick lit if you think about it.
And you know that’s not a bad thing, and it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. If you want a HARDCORE ROMANCE NOVEL with a man MORE SWOON WORTHY THAN WORDS you need to pick up this novel…or any of her other novels in the series. Man, I thought Braden Carmichael was hot….damn.

Author Samantha Young

Author Samantha Young

But ladies, let me just say… Cameron MacCabe… my oh my…
I don’t see how it can get any better, seriously. This man is perfect.
“But akii perfect doesn’t exist…”
This man is perfect because of all his imperfections; because he’s not perfect. He’s a guy, he’s rude, he makes assumptions, he says things he doesn’t mean, but he’s hella loyal, and he’s incredibly thoughtful. The things he does for Jo and Cole are like…unreal.

“What I feel for you … It’s all-consuming,he breathed, leaning his forehead against mine again. ‘It’s almost debilitating. It’s too much. It’s … I can’t even describe it, but being with you is … there’s this intensity inside me all the time, this … constant pull, desperation … it’s like you’re branded on me or something. And it bloody well burns.”

Let’s move on to Jo.
I saw a lot of myself in Jo, not because our paths were similar, but because of the way we viewed ourselves. I don’t let people in or let them get too close, I do have a hard time trusting people with personal things (either because old friends have written it off as needing attention or something or other), and like Jo, I don’t like ‘handouts’. If I’m going to get somewhere in life it’s because I got there myself and not because someone helped me. But like Jo, someday I hope to fully acknowledge that it’s okay to need people, it’s okay to be selfish, and it’s okay to want someone who’s…outside your comfort zone.

“I’ve never met anyone as quietly brave and strong as you. I’ve never met a woman so unassuming, so kind, and so selfless. You are a complex lady.” His mouth curled up at the corners. “And you are smart, and passionate, and funny, and exciting, and you blow me f****** away.”

Cameron MacCabe is ONE-HUNDRED-THOUSAND-MILLION PERCENT SWOON WORTHY! I can’t even imagine there being anyone more swoon worthy than him in this series…and this is only book two!
That’s it, I want my own Cameron MacCabe, or Braden Carmichael, I will seriously take any one of these guys, I’m not picky. (Please dear god let me meet someone just as wonderful as these two when I go to the UK…even Semi-wonderful. Seriously, if you haven’t read this series and you’re into Contemporary Romance, you’re missing out.

6/5 Hearts of Love

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  1. YESSSSSS. OHMYGOSH I KNOW WHAT YOU MEANNNNN… You can tell I love this series because my ALL CAPS are on. This is serious business. Anna, YOU’RE GONNA DIE FOR NATE!!!

      I can’t even…. Cam is so HAWT!!!! I only have books 1-2! SO MAD!
      Buy me the rest of them so I can read them! 😛 ((I’ve moved onto the Connected Series by Kim Karr. Drop me a message on FB, we’ll talk!))

  2. Nicole Johnson · · Reply

    Wow. Amazing review. I’ve never read this series but am seriously going to now.

    1. Nicole, start with “On Dublin Street” cause Braden Carmichael is pretty hot too! 😛

  3. You have to read her latest book coming out this week. I was lucky to get an ARC and have read it probably 10 times this week alone.

    1. OMG don’t talk about it! I still have to read the rest of the On Dublin Street series 😦 which now won’t be for a long time…
      Wow you got an ARC of Hero! Lucky!

      1. I think Hero was better than On Dublin Street! It was up on Netgalley and I was so happy to get approved!

  4. @kiltsandswords – I’m like…never on NetGalley, they don’t like me over there so I’m never on it.

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