Reborn – Review

19200019Reading the next book in this series is like a yearly tradition for me. I don’t usually read YA (even though sometimes I feel this book is a little too mature for teens), but you can’t go wrong with sexy, half-naked, genetically altered guys on the run. Seriously, you can’t, there’s pretty much nothing about that you can’t like. Maybe it’s a little cliche but WHO CARES THEY’RE HOT! Sam, Cas, Nick and Trev all have amazing personalities that set them apart from one another and in this latest installment of the Altered Saga is just another piece of the giant puzzle that is their lives before and while they were employed by the Branch.

Anna and the boys have been on the run, laying low in the hopes of finding the one man who may be able to bring the Branch back to life. But while they try to keep a low profile, Nick can’t help but cause trouble everywhere he goes. Lately he’s been having more and more flashbacks about this one girl that have completely consumed him. He needs to find her and figure out if he killed her or if he saved her.
Elizabeth has been moved from one foster home to another and after a traumatic event that happened six years ago she’s doing her best to live a semblance of a real life. She has friends, she has a job, but she can never really forget what happened the night he came. He saved her life, and after six years, she could never forget his face.

If Hollywood wanted to do something right then they should definitely make the Altered Saga into a movie. Seriously, YA readers would eat this book right up! It’s dystopian, it’s exciting, all the boys are swoon worthy and the plot keeps you on your toes. I’ve been an avid Jennifer Rush fan since her first book, Altered, came out and three years later I still haven’t been disappointed.

Author Jennifer Rush

Author Jennifer Rush

With every novel in the saga a little more of the boys’ lives before and while they were in the branch slowly starts to unfold. Nick, being the most stubborn and hard-headed of the boys starts to soften up when he’s around Elizabeth which is comparative to Sam’s relationship with Anna.

Nick is a bad-ass that’ll do whatever it takes to protect the people he cares about the most and he’ll stop at nothing to get the answers he wants. His methods may seem a bit rough but he is the tall, dark and violent one of the group. It would only make sense that his perfect match is someone delicate, someone innocent, someone who can soften him up for the better. That someone being Elizabeth.

She isn’t my favourite female character in the series, of course that’s comparing her to Anna the bad-ass. Everyone in this book is bad-ass in their own little way. Elizabeth wanted nothing to do with the Branch program and was just someone….unfortunate. She reminds me of a cute dainty little thing that needs to be protected, unfortunate that she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This book and series is a quick and easy read (I devoured in I think two days), and I’m sure can excite even the youngest readers. YA readers will LOVE the Altered boys and just like me be begging to read more.

4/5 Hearts of Love


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