You – Review

20821614From the first page alone my initial reaction was, “What…what….WHAT!?”
By the second chapter I was still like, “This is…weird….”
Just from two chapters alone my thoughts on this book were “interesting”.
There is no other way to describe You, it’s just, interesting.
However, after finally finishing this book all I really have to say is, “WHAT THE MOTHER EFF NNNNNN FFUUUUU DID I JUST READ!?!?!” This book ended up being more than just interesting, it turned into a serious mind eff (because I won’t swear). Now I can see the praise behind this amazingly chilling and a little bit disturbing novel.

When Guinevere Beck walks into a bookstore, as if it’s an average day, she doesn’t know that those few steps are going to start a chain of domino effects that are going to change her life forever. For inside the bookstore she meets Joe Goldberg and she is everything he has ever wanted in a woman. She’s smart, sexy, funny and he’d do anything in his power to have her. Literally anything.
After a string of dark events draws them together everything seems perfect and Joe is as happy as can be. But Beck isn’t what she seems either, and their happiness is forever ruined when he finds out the truth about her. Now Joe has to try to fix their relationship before it’s too late, but can Beck really be with someone with so many secrets?

Let’s be honest for a minute… I really didn’t like this book when I first saw it. I wondered what all the hype was and after the reading the blurb I just wasn’t impressed. Finally after so many authors started raving and praising this novel I figured it couldn’t be as bad as I thought.
At first I was EXTREMELY SKEPTICAL. The second person, or whatever you want to call it, POV was really hard to get used to at first, but after a while you hardly notice it. And yes within the first few pages and first few chapters you’re probably thinking, “This book is twisted and sick and wrong….” but after a while you sort of….get caught up in it.

Author Caroline Kepnes

Author Caroline Kepnes

The one thing I PRAISE about this book is its ability to FULLY IMMERSE AND CAPTIVATE THE READER. As I kept reading, despite how twisted I thought everything was, I found myself turning page after page wondering how far was this guy going to go…and would there be a happily ever after. The scariest thing was that after a while you start to sympathize with Joe and suddenly you’re rooting for him! Because things that he’s saying start to make sense and you start to question your morals and make you want to question people…

You leap up and straddle me and I could walk from here to China with you wrapped around me and I walk across the tiny room and I have you against the wall and I’m kissing you and owning your ass and I like your heels in my back and your bed in a box and there’s a horrible sound at the door, metal on metal and a whistle and your legs drop to the floor and you straighten my hair and there is someone at the door.

What can I say, I sympathize with the crazies. Everyone is crazy in their own little way, some people show it more than others. In You, I believe the cast of characters is so colourful, and also so honest about how people act today. People are selfish, and cruel, and needy and sometimes it takes crazy people to help you figure that out.

This book in itself was CRAZY and perhaps not for the faint of heart. It’s twisted, it’s downright sick at times, but definitely worth reading. And this is coming from someone who doesn’t typically read Fiction or Psychological Thrillers, I mean I haven’t even read a Stephen King novel…or seen The Shining shhh…. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves Psychological Thrillers and maybe wants something a little different than what they’re used to. I’m sure this book with leave you with quite the impression.

5/5 Hearts of Love

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