The Single Girl’s To-Do List – Review

51j1HtIrbILI’m not sure reading Lindsey Kelk’s The Single Girl’s To-Do List is how I want to start off my 2015…BUT at least it has a HAPPY ENDING so yay for that! To be fair, I had every intention of this book being the last book I read in 2014 but it didn’t turn out like that… Being a Single Girl, this book caught my attention when I was browsing the bookstore. I thought to myself, “There’s something I would enjoy reading.” NOT ONLY was it about being single, and having a to-do list while you were single, but there were elements of travelling, London and Canada integrated into the book somehow (at least on the cover of my copy). Single Ladies out there in the world, I think this would be a fun and very entertaining read for you.

Rachel Summers has it all. She has a great flat, great job, and a great boyfriend. Her future is all planned out, marriage, kids, the works. The last thing she ever suspects is that her boyfriend would break up with her. Devastated with the recent turn of events and not sure how to go about being single, Rachel’s best friends Emelie and Matthew decide to intervene and teach her how to be single. To do that they come up with a list of ten things Rachel has to do in order to get over her recent breakup and change her life for the better. But how is she supposed to be single when there are handsome men practically throwing themselves at her now that she’s available. Including and not exclusive to, a hot yoga instructor, a co-worker, and her teenage sweetheart over in Toronto.

Being that this book was something I picked up on a whim and completely judged over the cover and title (yes, I do that, it’s not a crime hush), I actually THOROUGHLY enjoyed it. It was funny, it was VERY ENTERTAINING, and definitely something I’d recommend to my single friends. Change can definitely be scary and I applaud Rachel for checking off every item on her list within two weeks! If you read this book you’ll know that that’s definitely not an easy thing to accomplish.

My only tiny little criticism, which isn’t even that big of a deal, is because Lindsey is from the UK, she uses A LOT of slang and terminology only understood by the English. Thanks to BBC I was thankful that I got most of the slang she used, but there were a lot of cultural references that I didn’t entirely understand, especially those to do with any sort of TV references. Again, despite the cultural references, I still thought the book was amazing.

Author Lindsey Kelk

Author Lindsey Kelk

This is the kind of book you want to read on a plane ride, car trip, train ride, or even on the plane. Maybe even something you want to read on the beach during a vacation. The characters are fun, memorable and have amazing personalities, and the lessons you learn just by reading this book can inspire you to do more with your single life. Ladies, if you are recently single, ESPECIALLY if you’re recently single, you should pick this book up because I guarantee it’ll make you feel better 😀

It was one thing for him to want to break up with me; it was another thing for him to tell the entire internet. It was just so final, so public. Surely, I should be allowed to tell people in my own time? Now 417 people had all been told that I’d been dumped without my knowledge. I hadn’t even told my mum. Bloody Facebook – and to think I’d enjoyed The Social Network. Clearly Mark Zuckerberg was the devil. Why was there no official rule about this? or at least an episode of Sex and the City? There was an episode about what to do when your boyfriend has skid-marks; there should definitely be one about this. It’s not as if they achieved anything else in the second movie – surely ten minutes could have been spent clarifying what happens when your boyfriend tells the entire internet that he’s finished with you. Carrie Bradshaw, you selfish cow.

Although it may seem drastic, The Single Girl’s To-Do List is fun, witty, entertaining, and even daring. Single girls everywhere need to pick up this book and start an adventure of their own. Just because you have a man doesn’t mean you’re happy. Go out and explore the world for yourself, do the things that make you happy, be selfish, be amazing, do things that scare you, try out new things, maybe even break the law…

4/5 Hearts of Love

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