Inked Armor – Review

91s6HO6wk1LI live for the last pages of a book or series, when everything finally comes together and you feel complete.
Inked Armor and the Clipped Wings series was a journey – it was a hard journey. This couple had their share of drama, problems, and their past to deal with, but this book was all about the recovery and what they needed to fix as a couple. The first book was about the pain and the secrets, and the second book was the recovery and how they all came together. This really is a beautifully dark story, full of love, trust and lots of sex.

After being dragged back home to Arden Hills to attend her family’s memorial, Tenley finally decided to take her life into her own hands by dealing with her family matters and herself almost brother-in-law, Trey. Making sure to leave him with nothing, she decides to head home to try to patch up things with Hayden and the gang. However, when she gets back, Hayden is not entirely sure he wants to take her back. Left broken-hearted, Hayden began to relapse into his old habits and was completely lost without her. Now that she’s back he doesn’t know if he can trust her with his heart and let her back into his life.

This book was the PERFECT FOLLOW-UP to Clipped Wings that sort of ended off on a tiny little cliff-hanger. Upon first cracking open Inked Armor I was a little confused as to where we were. I’m not going to spoil it and say where it starts, I’m just going to say that I was surprised that we missed out on a lot of important details. (Details that were explained later in the book). Despite first being lost, the book picked up again quickly once Tenley went back to Chicago.

New and improved healing Tenley is definitely more badass than the old Tenley. She has a grasp on her life, she knows what she wants and is willing to work her ass off to get it. Readers will notice that in this book Tenley does A LOT of apologizing for her behaviour and is constantly trying to repair what she broke with Hayden. On the flip-side, readers might also notice and may consider Hayden to be a little bit… DESPERATE if not extremely clingy. Hayden becomes EXTREMELY VULNERABLE in this book and a lot of women might not like having someone be THAT clingy.

Like I’ve mentioned, the novel is about repairing their relationship and a lot of it is trying to earn back each other’s trust. Here Hayden believed that Tenley didn’t want to see him, that he was just a fling, or something she thought she deserved, while Tenley felt like she needed to go away to try to fix up her life but didn’t explain the reasons why she had to go away first. Open communication would have definitely saved this couple a lot of hardship but again it’s a book, it’s a work of fiction, we learn from their mistakes :P.

“I know they’re gone, Hayden. I live with it every day.” I got up.
He left the kitchen, barricading me between the couch and coffee table. “I’m sorry, that was a ******* thing to say. I didn’t mean it. I’m just trying to understand. The last time we were together, we were closer than we’ve ever been. When Trey showed up, you let him **** all over what we had. Then you pretty much backed him up when you told me to leave and disappeared for three weeks. I’m confused. I want you here, but I’m just so-“

Despite the demons of their past, Tenley and Hayden are able to work through their problems and pull their lives together in order to get through some unsettling business regarding Hayden’s old life. Despite Hayden’s NEED to have Tenley in his life and to have her all the time, I NEVER ONCE said to myself, “He’s too clingy” or “He needs to give her personal space.” I think Hayden is the kind of guy that would respect her wishes if she needed time alone, but it doesn’t seem like Tenley’s in a rush to spend time away from him. She needs him just as much as he needs her.

Here’s a story of two broken people who need each other, who’ve made mistakes, who love each other, and who go through the hardships of repairing a broken relationship. If two people were meant for each other they’ll do whatever they can to make it work, no matter what the cost. These two might have been broken beyond repair, but eventually they work through their trust issues and let the other back in. This book also makes me want to get another tattoo and some piercings…

5/5 Hearts of Love

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