The Passion of Darius – Review

20927521How many of you read Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice?
How many of you are in love with Mr. Darcy?
How many of you wanted something…a little bit more?
The Passion of Darius provides a classic tale of romance, courtship and family duty with just enough hot, steamy, alpha male action. Darius Rourke IS the new Mr. Darcy, and I promise you ladies won’t be let down with this beautiful little novella about him and his love for the beautiful Marianne George.

In his mind there has been no other woman worthy of his love and affection, than the mysterious and beautiful Marianne George. She has been the subject of his affections for a very long time and now he is determined to have her. When fate presents him with an opportunity to be her family’s saviour, he persuades her to marry him, knowing their marriage will save her family from the poor house. Although Marianne is tempted by his charms, his manners, and charisma, she is wary for the power he holds over her. Wanting to please her new husband she will do anything and everything he asks, even though a dark secret keeps her from feeling worthy of his love and attention. Together the couple will grow into one another, learn about trust and passion, and uncover the dark secret Marianne has been keeping from the man she needs and desires most in the world.

My immediate thought while reading this book was, “THIS IS JUST LIKE A JANE AUSTEN NOVEL….BUT HOTTER!” Take almost every male lead in all her novels, mash them into one man and throw in a whole lot of dominance into the pot and you have Darius Rourke. Seriously, I think this guy could sweep Mr. Darcy under the rug, and that’s saying something. Not only is Mr. Rourke handsome, intelligent, and disgustingly wealthy, he is also passionate, a great lover, and protective of what is his.

Author Raine Miller

Author Raine Miller

Marianne and Darius were made for each other, like Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam. Of course there was resistance at first, coming from the lady, but like Elizabeth, Marianne grows into Darius with time and comes to rely on his direction and orders to know that she is being a good and duty wife and lover.

One thing that did bug me a little bit, and it is a minor detail, was the hold Darius had over Marianne. The way her persuaded her to do anything just seemed…a little odd to me.

She flung her face to the side and shook it. “I cannot do that,” she mumbled, shaking her head some more.
“You you can…and you will, Marianne.” He turned her face from the side, forcing her to look at him once more. “Do it, Open.”
He sat back and waited.
“You’re going to be beautiful, and I want to see all of you.”
The silence in the room grew thunderingly loud as he waited.
“Marianne, you want to do this. I know you do. You want to open yourself up for me. You will do it…for me.”

This wouldn’t bother me if he didn’t use this tactic EVERY SINGLE TIME he wanted her to do something. But in the end we find out there is a reason for this sort of command so I guess I can let it slide.

Either way I am happy! These two get their happily ever after, as everyone should, and are just the absolute most perfect couple I’ve ever seen since Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. Mr. Rourke is definitely up there on the book boyfriend list, so I definitely, definitely, suggest you ladies check him out. It’s a quick historical romance fiction read that’s sure to have your heart pounding by the end.

5/5 Hearts of Love

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