My Last Season with You – Review

23291700Give me a moment to compose my feels…
Maybe I should have seen it coming but I think I enjoy the pain of letting books blind-siding me and knock the emotions right out of me.
It’s like after watching movies. You think that nothing can blind-side you and then WHAM! they pull a Frozen on you. (Reference to be understood if you’ve seen the movie Frozen. You know what I’m talking about).
I think I enjoyed My Last Season With You a lot MORE than I anticipated. It’s a story about real, true and hard love, and the pain of a great loss.

Reggie and Desi have been best friends forever, as close as friends can be, and they always promised to be together and share everything. But Regina has a secret and doesn’t think she has the heart to tell Desi, especially since her career in acting and modeling has just taken off. Once her secret has been revealed Desi reveal a shocking one of her own when after hearing news of Reggie’s illness, she kisses her and tells her she loves her.

This was my FIRST EVER F/F romance (but maybe not the first I’d written 😉 ), and I’d have to say I ABSOLUTELY LOVED it. It was classy, it was romantic, and was full of passion. Some people might call it cheesy and that’s okay, sometimes you need a little cheese ball in your life in between all the smut and alpha-male filled romances we read. You can tell Regina and Desdemona love each other just as much as any couple should love the other. That they’d do anything for each other, that everything can be put aside, in order for them to spend more time together and that’s what I like to see in a couple.

Think of this book as a cross between all cancer romances. Fault in our Stars, A Walk to Remember, even one of my favourite series, Gaming the System has an element of cancer in it (oops spoiler :P), but all these books are beautiful in their own way because there is still suffering and pain and days where you don’t want to go on, and then there are the happy days when you get to be with the person you love the most. There’ll obviously be fights along the way, things you don’t agree on, things that you’ll consider unfair, but it’s only because the people you care about love and worry about you, and that’s a lot of what Reggie and Desi struggle through.

The ending was sad, though perhaps not in a way you’d expect, but after reading the summary and the title you didn’t expect this story to have a happily ever after did you?

For this author’s debut novella I say WELL DONE! It was absolutely brilliant. I wished the ending wasn’t so rushed, maybe drawn out a bit longer, I wish I could have seen the characters together, happier but I’ll take what I can get. It was bittersweet but good. Yup, it was good. I’ll definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to try their hand at F/F romances.

4/5 Hearts of Love

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