We Put a Man on the Moon – Review

618TyYqlqEL__SY344_BO1,204,203,200_My intial reaction to the first several pages of We Put a Man on the Moon was this:
Why hadn’t this book been written when I was in college or high school? Why was it only published two years ago?
Students and young adults from today would benefit HIGHLY from reading this novel, written by the brilliant motivational speaker Kyle Scheele, who walks readers through the steps and actions they must take in life in order to live a full life, and live a better story.

We Put a Man on the Moon is an instructional novel for those ready to take their first few steps into adulthood. No one wants to go through life and at the end of it have regrets or doubts that they didn’t live it to the fullest. Who wants to sit in that rocking chair and think about all the “What Ifs” in their lives, what if I’d gone on that trip, what if I’d learned that language, what if I went to that party and talked to that person. The nature of our society keeps us grounded in this idea of sameness, that if we want to be happy and successful we need money. Money is the key to success. Kyle Scheele teaches and coaches readers into the mindset that money isn’t the key to happiness, it is life experiences.

Author Kyle Scheele

Author Kyle Scheele

Think of this novel as the term, “YOLO” (You only live once), but into book form.
Life isn’t made out of your worldly possessions, things you hang onto from childhood, how many cars you have or how big your apartment or house is, life is made out of our memories, experiences and the stories we’ll be able to tell when we’re older. As infamous YouTuber, Superwoman, says “Spend your money on experiences, not stuff.”

If you’re the kind of person who wakes up, goes to work, does their job, goes home, and repeats the cycle all over again, every day from your early twenties until you’re old and gray, you need to stop and PICK UP THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW. Step out of your shell, take a step outside, do something spontaneous, celebrate the little victories in life, and if you’re feeling gutsy enough prank call the President. Read this book to help take the first step in filling your life with meaningful and lasting stories that you can look back on with joy and say “Yes, I did that.”

Highly Recommended for young adults ages 17+ or early college/university students

6/5 Hearts of Love

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