Disney Vacation – Day 9: Magic Kingdom Part 2 and Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

Here it is.
The big one.
This is the day Disney Nerds only DREAM ABOUT! Well, Disney Nerds who don’t live in Florida or anywhere near the place so they don’t have easy access…
Today is Magic Kingdom Part 2, and at night it turns into Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.
This means we get to dress up in costume and we get FREE CANDY! Not just that, there are villains out and about too, and special characters that only come out during certain days.

10653419_10152418291582947_2645724256326847102_nThe entire trip has been preparation for this moment, this day…
We had to wake up at 6:45am to get our shuttle bus for 7:20 in the morning. Stupid park didn’t even open till 9 AM but we were going to Disney anyway. Seriously, who goes to Disney World at 8 in the morning if you don’t actually work there? Epcot was super quiet and there were no lines anywhere which was super weird… Monorail was empty all the way across, until we got to Magic Kingdom. I can’t believe there is always a mass of people outside of Magic Kingdom everyone morning before the park opens. That just boggles my mind. We rented lockers, put our stuff away and charged in with the crowd as the park opened. (Oh and there was this little like….train parade thing at City Hall above the entrance, but we couldn’t see cause of the angle we were at.)

Everyone raced in, probably all heading to one exact same place. First thing’s first though, we had to stop by the Sorcerer’s place to get our Magic Cards for the day, then we were off. Everyone was headed in one direct, North. Or what I consider to be North if you’re heading towards Cinderella’s castle. Everyone was heading to one or two places, Princess Fairytale Hall to meet Anna and Elsa, or up to Fantasyland to ride the mining car ride. Even at 9 AM, Anna and Elsa still had a 45 minute wait time. Honestly, it wasn’t bad, it was better than 4 hours if you wait during the day.

It was cool because inside were Princess portraits and even Cinderella’s glass slipper. Seriously, this place does not joke around. Elsa was wonderful, and we talked about the icy winter and snow….Anna just wouldn’t stop talking, I felt bad for the poor girl. After we exited, we immediately went into the Cinderella and Rapunzel line, which was right beside theirs, except there was one big difference. There was LITERALLY no line for them. It was so sad. But we got our autographs from the two (even though we had Cinderella already) and headed back out.

We didn’t have too many immediate plans today and wanted to take it easy to survive until Halloween night, so we essentially just walked around and took pictures. The most important thing for us was filling our autograph book and getting autographs from all the characters, (this again, is because we were never coming back). So as we headed through Fantasyland, passing the Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups, we entered the Circus and found Pete’s Silly Sideshow. Minnie, Daisy, Donald, and Goofy were all there which was fantastic. Best part about going bright and early? NO LINE! I mean there was a line, but it wasn’t hours, it was minutes, 10-15 minutes, which was bearable. One little thing that I want to point out, is when you leave the autograph circus tent you enter another big top tent, like a traditional circus. It’s essentially a store where you can buy merch and candy, but honestly IT SMELLS LIKE A CIRCUS IN THERE. Like candy, and treats and sweet things, my god, it was amazing and scary at the same time.10368265_10152418305227947_7319187990951972098_n

Then we headed back to Fantasyland to explore the expansion that wasn’t there back in 2011. Ariel had her own Grotto again which was really nice and fancy, Gaston even had his own Tavern and Fountain Statue just outside. Insufferable prat. We headed into the Beauty and the Beast store which was lovely, they had these beautiful plates and cups I just wanted to own, but there was no way in hell they’d survive the trip back unless I mailed them.

Since it was around time for lunch we decided to try our luck at Belle’s Castle at the Be Our Guest restaurant. When we got there, the Lunch was already full and there were people standing around trying to get tables. Luck had been in our favour during this trip (other than the rain) and we had found out there was an opening in the evening for dinner. We couldn’t believe our luck. It was unbelievable. We were going to get to eat at Cinderella’s Royal Table and Be Our Guest during the trip!? No way! I was momentarily reluctant since this was a lot of money we hadn’t accounted for, but luckily Connie was just as eager as I am. Of course, this only worked because we were staying late past park closing because we had tickets for Mickey’s Halloween Party. We overheard other guests trying to get dinner reservations but couldn’t because they didn’t have access to the park after closing.

So on our way we went, happy in our luck to try and fill the time. Another way in which we were extremely lucky was because every fast-pass we booked we were able to get into without actually using our fast-pass. We had already gotten into Cinderella and Rapunzel early, and now we were heading into Mickey’s PhilharMagic show. Connie swore we hadn’t seen it before, but once we were inside we remembered that we had…oops.

After the show, we loitered around and casted a few spells against our enemies in Fantasyland. We also found the spot where Cinderella’s Step-sisters and Step-mother were meeting. It also happened to be the spot where the Fairy Godmother was. Funny, because they weren’t at the Fantasyland “Wall” they said they would be at (they were beside the castle). So we waited, got our photos with them – oh and the sisters loved us because we were also single, and not invited to Cinderella’s party. Sadface.

10711014_10152418311012947_2703465581776612977_nDoing more exploring, we found out that the White Rabbit would be somewhere, and being the infamous Queen of Cards (not in costume) I needed White Rabbit in my life! Beside the White Rabbit we found the Cheshire Cafe which I’d heard was amazing. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to sample their desserts, so we took pictures instead. Around the corner we lined up to meet Merida from Brave. I was so excited because she really is one of my favourites. Her big red hairy, her fiery attitude, her stubbornness, the only difference is she’s a princess and possibly more talented than I am. Merida’s place used to be Rapunzel’s old place and the line was also surprisingly long. It was funny, because she was absolutely adorable, and I loved her accent (curious if it was fake or not). I told her it was perfect, because I was going to visit Scotland in April and she was so confused as to why and how, it was adorable.

Heading into Agrahbah we FINALLY found Aladdin! Miserable sob was hiding and chasing Abu around who was causing trouble…silly monkey. While we were at it, casted a few more sorcery spells too. Just after Aladdin though, we practically ran! Back down to the bridge to find Peter Pan!!!! He was so adorable in the videos on Youtube, and were sure we was going to be just as adorable and funny, which he was. We got hugs, he talked about my ripped jeans, and I told him it was cause I was off on adventures. He asked me why I didn’t get my mom to fix them….I told him I didn’t have a good relationship with my mom, she wasn’t like Wendy. Most of attention seemed focused on me, sorry Connie, but she helped with the improve. He wasn’t AS CUTE up close but he was in character. He then talked about my skull shoes and asked me if I was a pirate. I told him I was, the bad kind, apparently that was the wrong answer. But bad pirates have more fun, should have been my argument. We were both surprised he talked to us for so long, considering he had a line and it was always cut off.

Our last fast-pass of the day was Enchanted Tales with Belle. A new attraction which we knew nothing about. When we got there, we were the first in line with our fast-pass, so we sat around in the shade and talked to an employee about how it was working at Disney, which didn’t seem too hard. For me it seemed like it was a rite of passage as a resident growing up in Florida to work in a Disney Park or at least in Universal. When we got in, we found out that Enchanted Tales with Belle was an interactive story where kids got to play the parts of the furniture and silverware to recreate the day Belle and Beast fell in love. It was adorable. I felt bad for the girl 10670075_10152418316302947_1069441506680739229_nplaying Belle though, she had to walk into rooms and look surprised ALL DAY! She was….really pretty though, and that was just totally unfair. I think my favourite part was the Lumiere. He looked so realistic it was crazy…. See how far we have come in just three years.

We hadn’t eaten since breakfast this morning and it was about time we had some food after all that walking. So since we were in Fantasyland we decided to stop by Gaston’s Tavern to see if he was around or if there was any food to eat. No surprise there, it was mostly meat, and money I didn’t want to spend considering we were eating at Be Our Guest in several hours. I just wanted something small, a salad, or something… I had forgotten the most basic rule of America… NOTHING IS EVER SMALL. We then headed to Friar Nook’s for some Mac and Cheese, which I thought would be easy to down… It wasn’t. Bloody thing was MASSIVE, at least by my standards. Had I known it was so big, Connie and I should have just shared one since she got one too. We forced ourselves to finish what we could because we unfortunately, couldn’t take the food with us, and then headed off to Tomorrowland, the only part of the park we hadn’t visited.

It is true what they say, you really couldn’t do Magic Kingdom in one day. Two days definitely, even three just so you’re not rushing through everything. There were only three things we needed in Tomorrowland. Stitch’s Great Escape, Laugh Floor, and the Buzz Lightyear shooting game. Unfortunately, Stitch wasn’t around since he was apparently one of those rare characters that is only around for 30 minutes to an hour, so we headed straight for the rides. The first was the Laugh Floor, a Comedy show. It was a lot more full than it was in May, but it was still just as funny. Right after we headed across the lane for Stitch’s Great Escape. No line as well. It was a fun ride, or simulation… I mean you essentially just sit in a chair in the dark and listen as Stitch runs around and jumps on you, or whispers down your back. It’s totally creepy, but cool. Unfortunately, the technology is outdated, so I’m sure they will replace it with something else down the road. Still, an adorable ride.

Finally, the rain had come, and we were like SSSSSHHHHHHIIIIII, cause we didn’t want it to rain during the Halloween party. We got our Halloween wristbands and hurried through the rain to the bathroom, and then back to Main Street USA to go souvenir shopping. My feet were exhausted, despite all the resting I did, but I had to endure it. I was surprised to find there weren’t too many souvenirs I wanted, or that certain souvenirs were park specific only. For example, I HATED that there were no TsumTsums at Magic Kingdom, only at Downtown Disney.
I bought souvenir cups for my mom and me and then we headed out to the Lockers to change into our costumes. Halloween appears to be a bigger deal in America than it is back in Canada. Families dress us, kids dress up, it’s like a big event and looks adorable.

I went all out, as usual, and brought my Queen of Cards to mark the occasion, just no contacts and no cards. The worst part I think was having to adjust my wig and pull it down to the proper length. It sucked that it kept moving, and over-wearing the wig was messing up my curls…

After we were changed and all costumified, we headed back up to Fantasyland for our dinner reservation at Be Our Guest. HOMG we were freaking out big time. Seriously, what kind of luck is it that we got to eat at both infamous restaurants during our trip!? The menu was pricy but that didn’t matter when you saw the inside. It was, literally, the most beautiful thing you’d ever seen….straight from the movie, it was magical. You walked into the Grand Ballroom which is where most people ate, but we had the pleasure of dining in the WEST WING IN THE BEAST’S ROOM! HOMG! WHAT CRAZINESS IS THIS! It was perfectly themed. It was dark, scary, it was a mess, there was thunder and lightning, and his portrait that turned into the Beast ever 5-10 minutes or so…and the rose was there! Seriously, this place was amazing!10696335_10152418332532947_5122338689105200179_n

We both ordered the infamous Fruit lemonade, except I got mine in a souvenir light up goblet, because souvenir cups were a thing with me. We didn’t order any appetizers, but we did order entrees. Connie got some pork thing, I forgot what, and I got the Steak Frites and Veggies. I like to order my steak rare, because I have a thing for raw meat, and man…this steak….was like, blue. It was the most rare and chewy and soft thing I’d ever eaten in my life. I had to take a picture to see how red it actually was. Part of me was afraid I’d get food poisoning or something cause I’m weird like that, so I asked our server if it could be cooked just a little bit… It took a while for my food to come back which sucked, but the chef, who was a pretty young guy came out and personally brought it back to me. Wow, wasn’t expecting that. He and I had a conversation about rare steak, he saying what a relief it was to have someone order a rare steak. Lots of people ordered it medium, or medium rare. There was nothing wrong with medium rare, but I found that rare steak retained its flavour much better and held more of the juices in. The steak was much better, and the food was delicious! But I needed to save room for dessert, because we were going to order THE GREY STUFF.

What it was, essentially was a brownie with grey cream on top with these like…white pearl things. It was so cool and so French because the way they delivered dessert to you was in a sealed glass dessert cart. They have a sliding door, all their plates, cutlery, chocolate sauce and such on that cart so they just take it out and present it to you right there. Seriously classy stuff. At first we found the brownie was hard to cut into. It was hard, and made a bit of a mess…but we didn’t care. The grey stuff was what was important. Guys, OH MY GOD, that was the most delicious thing I’d had like….ever. Probably because the dessert was like 80% cream and 20% brownie. It was just the perfect mix, and it was honestly to die for.

We were rushed in eating our dessert because we had to hurry. The Beast, who was taking visitors in the Study was going to retire for the evening, and we needed to get pictures with him. Along the way I had little girls and other people compliment my costume, which made me very proud, despite not having made it. All I did was buy the petticoat/tutu, the hat, and the wig, but it’s those small things that matter and make a costume personal.

After dinner we headed out into Halloween night in search of villains and candy. And the first villain we decided to line up for, which shouldn’t have come to as a shock, was Gaston. He was such a prat! He flirted with all the Belle’s in line forever, and talked….forever to everyone. The line was like not moving…. One thing’s for sure, was that he did definitely stay in character which was nice.

On the way back to Main Street USA to find a place for the fireworks, we passed through Fantasyland, and found this, massive line for something, we wondered who it could be, and found it was a rare sighting of all the seven dwarves. We much as we wanted to get into that line, it was way long, and there was free candy to be had and other villains to see.

I had to stop and take a break during the fireworks show since my feet were killing me, and I was in heels but whatever, I’d suffer through it for a fun night out. We then, raced to see Jack and Sally, who unfortunately didn’t sign our books but gave us cards instead. The Jack was very good, I didn’t get a chance to talk to Sally much. One thing I need to mention is that through the souvenir store on our way to Agrahbah to find Jafar, I found this Monopoly Villains Edition, and I want it…. I don’t know what it is but even though I don’t play Monopoly often, I love collecting their games!

Also on our way to Agrahbah in Adventureland we found the Tarzan museum had opened up, and there was three bins of candy to be had. I couldn’t imagine all of this free candy they were giving away, it was like handfuls! The line for Jafar was also long, so I rested, but found more free candy, so I decided to head over. Jafar wasn’t all, that evil. He liked me, because we were dressed in similar colours and he liked my hair. Yes, I was a favourite of Jafar’s mwahhaha.

10494825_10152418336812947_1431760446132421128_nAs we walked back to Frontierland we came across this….array of people who were lining up for a parade of sorts. I didn’t want Connie to miss the parade since she wanted to take pictures, so I sat down to rest my aching feet. After a newbor was flirting with me and the parade hadn’t started for almost ten minutes, we decided to head into another building where Club Villain supposedly was. We had no idea what it was but it sounded freaking cool! Club Villain was exactly what you’d expect and everything you want it to be. It’s this big room, with a stage and a DJ, and there are Disney Villains in there dancing! best part is that it’s air conditioned. There were also street style paintings of all the villains on the wall, just super cool. There was Radcliffe from Pocahontas, Shadowman from Princess and the Frog, and Anastasia and Drizelda from Cinderella were there. We took pictures and selfies, danced around for a while and just as the crowds all came inside, we went outside.

Why was everyone coming inside? CAUSE IT WAS RAINING! But we weren’t going to let that stop us from getting free candy! Happily, people recognized Connie as Kairi from Kingdom Hearts 2, that made me happy. Since it was raining there were no lines for rides, everyone was going home! So we hurried onto, “It’s a Small World”, “Peter Pan’s Flight”, oh and some point earlier in the day we went on the Winnie the Pooh ride with zero line, it was adorable.

By this time it was almost midnight and the rain hadn’t stopped. My feet were just hating life which meant that it was time to go home. I said it before and I’ll say it again. The shittiest part about the trip was that I couldn’t keep up with Connie in terms of walking. My day to day job is an office job, which essentially has me sitting on my butt all day. Working in sales, Connie stands all day so she’s built that tolerance. We’d been up from 6:45AM to 12:00 AM and were exhausted. I swear we didn’t get to bed until at least 1-2 AM. We still had to walk all the way back from Fantasyland to the Taxi station and my feet were killing me…..like I was going so slow. Honestly, I could have passed out.

When we got back to the hotel we were exhausted, but we had to semi-pack our things no matter how tired we were. After all, the adventure was almost over. We’d be leaving on Tuesday so we had to be prepared.


*will enter*



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