Eyes Wide Open – Review

16122643If I could grant any wish for women everywhere, it would be that every woman find her Mr. Blackstone. He’s charming, funny, protective, intelligent, has a great sense of style, and doesn’t hate the C word – commitment.
I think Mr. Blackstone is one of the few who openly welcome commitment and probably welcome it. Perhaps that’s because he’s older and is in that place in his life where if the right woman showed up, and she did, he’d buckle down and marry her, which he did, or is going to. Although there is some reluctance on Brynne’s part, she is equally devoted and hopelessly in love with him that no matter what, their love will surely be the most important asset between them.

After finding out Brynne’s illness is more than just a stomach bug, Ethan is more determined than ever to protect her from the past that’s coming to haunt her. In his eyes, the best way to protect her is by legally and officially making her his, and the only way to do that is by tying the knot. Before it was just an idea to keep her in the country by making her a national, now it was imperative to her survival that she stay exactly where she is and right by his side. Although Brynne is reluctant at first, she comes around, understanding that her life and safety is now more important than ever. The only thing holding her together is the fact that she knows Ethan loves her unconditionally, and will love her forever. But as their happily ever after comes closer, will that mean Brynne will be safe?

Author Raine Miller

Author Raine Miller

A happily ever after is in store for Mr. Blackstone, so long as he can keep Brynne safe. There is no doubt in my mind that this Alpha-male is something else, something really special. There’s something about him that sets him apart from other alpha-males and that may possibly be his protective nature. Some may call it overprotective and even overbearing, but considering his background I wouldn’t expect anything less. I wouldn’t even call Ethan Blackstone less of a man for wanting his woman safe, even if safe is at arm’s length where he can be close to her and know she’s alright. HE LOVES HER and freely admits, and openly admits that she is what holds him together. It’s not clingy, or desperate, even though inside he is. He shows it in a very loving matter that I just can’t get mad at.

The paths we take in life are never clear, and nobody can predict the future, but the night I laid eyes on Ethan, I knew there was something special about him. When I went to his flat that first time to be with him, I knew. I knew the decision would be life-changing too. For me it had been. He was everything I could have ever dreamed of in a partner, and even more about him that I never could have possibly imagined. Timing is always off. You deal with what comes, when it comes into your life. Ethan was simply…the one for me.

Now this novel was A LOT longer than the previous two in the series, with a lot more content and a lot more character interaction, not just between Ethan and Brynne, but with other characters like Hannah, Ben, Gabby, Marie and Jonathan. Once in a while it’s nice to see them interact with others and that aren’t their significant other.

All that really needs to be said about The Blackstone Affair is MOVE OVER alpha-males, there’s a new top dog in the house, and his name is Ethan Blackstone. Ladies, if you haven’t read this series I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it. Unless you’re not into the overprotective boyfriend, alpha-male, always wants to take care of your type, then maybe try elsewhere.

5/5 Hearts of Love

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