All In – Review

17182459I think the idea of being mutually exclusive to some people is a very big step in a relationship. It means both parties are committed to each other, have a certain respect for each other, and perhaps have the potential of being more. When the notorious Ethan Blackstone falls in love, he falls hard; so hard he’s willing to bet everything he has on Brynne Bennett. All in means no matter what happens, no matter how broken she thinks she is, he’ll still be there, loving her and protecting her all the same, and that’s the kind of respect a woman can only dream of.

The biggest mistake of his life and one of the only things he’ll ever regret is lying to Brynne. He lied by omission and now he’s paying the price. But Ethan Blackstone isn’t a quitter. He’ll stop at nothing to get his beautiful American girl back, and when he does, he’s never going to let her out of his sight. He’s determined to have her for his own and do no matter what it costs to protect her from the demons of her past. With every threat circling around Brynne, it’s up to Ethan to keep her protected, while also keeping himself sane whenever he’s away from her, because no matter what he does he can’t get her out of his head.

Great writers know exactly what readers want and can deliver it. Raine Miller is one of those great writers. Within the first few pages she easily gets readers hooked from the prologue alone, telling women exactly what they want and how exactly Ethan Blackstone can give it to them.

Ethan gave me some peace and security in a way I’d never really felt as an adult, and certainly never before in regards to my sexuality. It’s just how he is, and I think I understand him now. He wasn’t demanding and controlling because he wanted to dominate me, he was that way with me because he knew it was what I needed. Ethan was trying to give me something I needed in order for us to work.

That right there ladies and gentleman, that is poetry. Ladies, accept and understand this. Men, learn from this.

Ethan Blackstone is MAJORLY SWOONWORTHY. He is just something completely different. A definite Alpha male for sure, and I was almost a bit surprised to find out he wasn’t into BDSM. Ethan is definitely a Dom though. He enjoys it and revels in it, and Brynne can’t help be the perfect sub to fill his requires. Even though he may take it overboard sometimes, it’s only because he cares SO MUCH about her and has the power to protect her. I wonder if he was a regular man with a 9-5 job, that he’d go through this much effort to protect her.

Author Raine Miller

Author Raine Miller

What I love about this series, or in this book in particular is that it’s told from Ethan’s point of view. You know how I love reading Male POVs. I know it’s sappy, but I love hearing about how men (fictional, obviously) have their hearts on their sleeves like Ethan does. He’s afraid of losing Brynne, is scared but marvelled at how wonderful being with her is, and I swear they have more mind-blowing sex than Christian and Ana (from Fifty Shades), it honestly makes a girl jealous. A girl wants to know she’s loved, and cherished, she WANTS to see her man get jealous if she hangs out with other guys. It really shows how much they care and how possessive they are. Perhaps not all women want to be trophy girlfriends, but belonging to someone isn’t necessarily a bad thing if they love and treat you right.

Brynne seemed to catch herself and said, “Paul, this is Ethan…Blackstone, my boyfriend.” she handed me one of the coffees. “I got you a misto.” She looked at me and took a sip from her cup. Yep. She was uncomfortable.
The plonker stuck his hand out and offered first.
I hate you.
I had one arm around Brynne and the other hand occupied with the coffee she’d just palmed off on me. I would need to let her go in order to shake. I despised him in his slick suit, professional, clean cut and, from all appearances, plenty of brass.

Perhaps Mr. Blackstone’s methods could be a tad bit excessive or overboard, but that just goes to show that he loves he. At least he’s not a beast who wants to lock her in a tower and never let her see the light of day. After all, all he does, he does for love, again, even if it is a bit tad excessive and hardly slow at all. It’s important to find a good balance between hard and fast, and slow but savouring. See what I did there? 😉 It’s not always terrible to fall in love too hard too fast, as long as it’s with the right man. This blogger is unfortunately waiting for her Ethan Blackstone, and is wondering if he’s really out there….

5/5 Hearts of Love

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