Losing Hope – Review


I suggest you do not read this book immediately after you finishing Hopeless.
I found that reading this book immediately after the first book confused me a little. A lot of time was spent trying to remember details and going back and forth between Sky’s point of view and Holder’s. Maybe it’s just a problem I have when reading books one after another, but like I said, I suggest giving it a bit of time in between so that the story seems somewhat fresh.

Losing Hope is amazing. Like all books with male POV’s it always brings something new to the story. I find male POV’s bring justification to the story, or to the character. This one is no different. Readers are reintroduced to Dean Holder in a new and a more loving light in comparison to the fun, angsty, mood-swinging Holder from Hopeless. After reading this novel, I definitely have a new respect for him.

Certain events in our lifetime we will never forget. Unfortunately some of those events are negative. Dean Holder will never forget the day he walked away from his best friend, Hope. He’ll also never forget the day he found his sister dead in her bedroom. Those days have continued to haunt him until the summer of his senior year in high school. By some chance meeting he finds Hope again, but she doesn’t remember who he is. Now he has to bear the burden of knowing who she is and wonders when he’ll be able to reveal the truth to her.

At first I didn’t like Dean. Holder.
I thought he was ignorant, weird, and a little creepy. In this novel I find he’s more justifiable. He has a reason for everything; he feels more than every other stupid teenager and will have to go through life living through traumatic events most people couldn’t even dream about going through in their teenage years.

Author Colleen Hoover

Author Colleen Hoover

Men who read books like this, or any contemporary romance novel, would probably say these male characters are unrealistic. They’re so sissy, and wussy, and real guys can’t feel all that. I guess that’s what us female readers like about them. These guys are sensitive, they care about the girl more than life itself, and aren’t ashamed to admit what they feel. Of course Holder is different. He teases her, he’s cocky, but he’s still AMAZING, even if he is the most whipped boyfriend ever.

Losing Hope is a FANTASTIC companion novel to Hopeless and fans of Holder shoulder definitely read this book. It gives the reader such a bigger insight to the character and even to Les. You get the bulk of the information you need from Sky’s POV, but now you get even more from Holder’s. I promise, the end will be worth it.

4/5 Hearts of Love

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