Disney Vacation – Day 7: Universal Studios

So first thing in the morning we’re off to a pretty good start. We have a plan and know what we want to go on since we didn’t get to go on it last time we were here.

Before we get to Universal Studios, we stop by the City Walk to check out the Meal and Movie deals. Basically, it was $21.95 for a meal and a movie. I think that’s a pretty good deal. We just had to make sure we could see Rocky Horror Live with that, and luckily we could! Since Rocky Horror was at midnight we figured we’d just bum around City Walk for a few hours before the show.

We head into Universal Studios and guess what…
Because of the Halloween Horror night, the park closes at 5 PM instead of 7 PM.
WTF!? Someone could have told us this, because now we have less time to fit everything in. 10671259_10152414778657947_1302984521074102635_n

The first thing we do, which we hope is the thing that will take the longest, is go on the Despicable Me Minion Ride. This ride, is always at least 45 minute wait time, and since it’s the thing that’ll take the longest we figure we get it out of the way first thing in the morning. It really was a 45 minute wait time…ish. Every line took about ten minutes but the line was continuously moving which was nice. The ride was SUPER FUN! and at the end we got to be Minions! and then turned back…. But when we got out of the ride there was a Minion Dance Party. It was wicked. The Minion store was really cute too.

After that we sort of just bummed around. Connie wanted to look for characters but also go on the T2 Ride since we missed it last time. Since we had a lot of time to kill we just wandered around and took lots of pictures. We saw Beetlejuice and his crew, found the Jaws shark, and then walked all the way back to the ride. I’d never seen Terminator…yeah yeah, laugh it up, so I had no interest in the ride, but Connie wanted to go on, so we did. It was pretty entertaining and it sort of made me want to see the movies. But by the time we got out, it was raining again. BRING OUT THE PONCHOS! Thank god for ponchos.

Since we were walking around we decided to go on the Transformers ride. I have learned through the internet that it makes more sense to go on the Single Riders line than the regular line. You don’t get to sit with your friends but the wait time is shorter. Surprisingly enough the Single Riders line was non-existent, we were able to go on almost immediately. Talk about luck! It was such a good ride! It was like the Spiderman Ride, except Transformers and surprisingly this ride didn’t break.

10606560_10152414797837947_289497959263533066_nWe walked around some more until we finally made it to SPRINGFIELD USA! Simpson’s World. This is where we were going to stop to have lunch. It was raining which sucked, but we still pressed on. It was essentially a nice big place to have lunch. Lots of food options. There were Tacos, and Donuts, and Duff Beer. Inside the food court area there was Lisa’s Teahouse of Horror, Luigi’s Pizza, Krusty Burger, Moe’s Tavern, and Cletus’ Chicken Shack. After looking at the menu Connie decided on a Krusty Burger and I decided on a Clogger Burger because bacon…drool. We both got Flaming Moe’s, which were essentially dry ice and fanta; it caused the drink to bubble and smoke which was neat. The meal also came with curly fries which was also delicious.

What I really like about the Orlando food court system is that you’re not walking around aimlessly looking for a table. Some locations you are and some you aren’t. What I mean is that in order to keep everything moving, they have attendants to take you to empty tables so you’re not just standing wandering around causing traffic. It’s quick, easy and efficient.

After we finished lunch we walked around Springfield some more; took pictures in Moe’s, tried the Love Tester, went to the Kwik-E-Mart, then headed for the Simpson’s ride. It was a bit of a wait, and when we got there, just as we were about to get off the ride guess what? THE RIDE BROKE! Honestly, we could have jumped out of the side of the car, but they made us stay in our seats. Lame…

By the time we got out, which was really only five minutes, it was still ruddy raining. We had maybe an hour or so before the park closed and the last thing I needed to do was to go on the MIB Alien Attack ride. I hadn’t been on that ride since I was like…nine? So I needed to man up and go on it again. Aliens just weren’t my thing when I was a kid.

The line was also pretty much non-existent when we got to the ride and we went right in. It was FREEZING! It was like, seriously air-conditioned in there! By the time we got to the ride itself this attendant was like, “you can’t bring your bags in here, we have lockers outside.”

WELL IT WOULD BE NICE IF THERE WAS LIKE A SIGN or if any of the other attendants told us…
So we had to leave the ride, go outside to put our stuff in a locker and come back in. It was sort of inconvenient, only because we had to watch the intro video again, and walk through the entire MIB building which was massive… 1908433_10152414802347947_5877851035778100727_n

The best part about the ride though was that I was a badass. I’m just amazing at shooting games apparently. I got a serious high score and felt AWESOME! I almost wanted to ride it again, but we still needed to get our doughnuts and get out since the park was closing for Halloween Haunt.

Back in Springfield, Connie and I ordered a Big Pink, and two D’Oh-nuts, one glazed and one jelly filled. The Big Pink was beautiful, it was like a cake. But it was just a massive doughnut.

Finally on the bus back, still raining, we headed to the hotel to just chill for a while. Rocky Horror was at midnight and it was only about six? So we had lots of time to upload photos and just relax. I had journal entries to catch up on so we did that until about 8 PM, which was when we called a taxi and headed back to CityWalk. Yeah there was no way we were walking in the dark, in the rain.

The first thing we did when we got there was to go get a Hair Wrap for Connie. She got one when she was young and has wanted another one ever since. The thought crossed my mind that I wanted one too since it was really cute, but apparently my hair was like 15 inch, for an under-wrap which was like $30. ($2 per inch). I had my heart set on something else.

After her hair wrap we walked down to another stall to buy me an LED Glowing T-Shirt. You know, one of those t-shirts that light up based on the sound around you? It was hard picking a design, and the one I really wanted they didn’t have. They also didn’t have many female sizes which sucked…so I ended up getting a men’s XS. I ended up getting a Blue Rubix cube like design which I thought was super cute and for some reason blue was just the brightest colour. The vendors were around our age and really nice. One of them even put on PTX’s Daft Punk for us because we told him he interrupted our jam and was playing music that we didn’t know. In the end, the crowd LOVED PTX and he even had a dance-off with another breaker in front of the stall. They were really, really nice. Just goes to show how different American and Canadian music cultures are.

It was dark enough now so around nine we headed into Nascar to have dinner. Seriously, why are people in Orlando so nice? And why are all the white guys here cute? That’s just not even fair? Why is that a thing? Where are all the cute white guys in Toronto? I’ll tell you where, dating other Asian girls, or hipsters. Oops did I say that out loud 😛 Aside from our Coke and Shirley Temple, we also got this….Blueberry, vodka, lemonade, sprite thing, that was delicious! I hardly tasted the alcohol in it at all. It was almost like blue koolaid. I got the chicken caesar salad which was MASSIVE and Connie got the Philly Cheese Steak. Needless to say, we were two little Asian girls forgetting that American portions were massive, and hardly finished our meals. What was worse was that we were also pretty tipsy off the one drink. Shows how often we drink in real life…

Since we had lots of time to kill before we lined up at 11PM for the show, we walked around and took pictures. After all we needed to sober up. So around 11PM we went to line up in the theater for the Rocky Horror Picture Show Live. There was only one person in line in front of us; she was this older lady who’d seen the show many times and we ended up befriending her. She told us where to sit, what to expect, and as people came in costume and we were let in we were subjected to getting the scarlet V. V as in Virgin, as in had never seen the show.10670259_10152414813072947_1822979531781758434_n

Before the show, they made all the Virgins stand up in front of the crowd and recite some vows, before picking on several to embarrass them in front of everyone. Someone Connie got picked instead of me. Probably because she was the shy one and I didn’t look as shy as she was. Long story short, the five virgins had to have a fake orgasm on stage and we were there to judge them. Long story short…CONNIE WON! That I wasn’t expecting at all. I was so proud of her!

The show was great fun, other than this one girl who was part of about acting troupe who was yelling out all the lines, so it was hard to hear. I felt bad for the people walking into the theater not knowing what was going on.

As we headed back to get a taxi home, something unusual happened. We were being hit on. And that never happens. Probably because a) we never go out and b) because there are plenty of Asians other than us to hit on. But these guys, of all different races, came over to hit on us, saying they loved Asians. One of them, the main guy that was talking to me was even trying to pull the, “let’s hang out at Disney world” card, and told me he was a Disney Employee and had backstage access blah blah blah. I was surprised I even had the balls to talk to them…but I was a grown up! and I’m not going to lie, I liked the attention. Still, we turned them down…hopefully gently. Although perhaps not.

Tomorrow is another day. Hopefully I get enough sleep…


Meal N Movie $21.95
Lunch at Krusty Burger $23.41
Lard Lad Doughnuts $4.88
LED Shirt $53.25
Taxi at Night $8.50

TOTAL $111.99


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