Disney Vacation – Day 6: Magic Kingdom Part 1

First day at Magic Kingdom! This required waking up early, or relatively early considering our bus only has two shuttle times for Disney. I actually made the effort to eat breakfast this morning – Lucky Charms, that had 190 calories. I can’t believe it had that many in that small cup. So much sugar! After we got ready, we were a bit early, so we waited in our room until about 9:40 AM.

I forgot my iPod for the shuttle, so I ended up sitting on the stairs and just staring into space. I pretty much ended up telling myself a story all the way through and was just stuck in my little world. I’m not going to tell you what it was about, that’s a secret 😉

We got to Epcot and walked to the Monorail and took the train all the way to the Magic Kingdom ticket centre. Surprisingly there was a line to get on the monorail, but it wasn’t very long. The first thing we did was take pictures, and look around Main Street USA. When we looked down the street you could see Cinderella’s castle. Odd, cause I thought it was so much bigger or so much farther… IMG_2858

The first thing we saw was Pluto and Marie in the very middle, Mary Poppins beside the theatre, and a way for you to become Wizards! Screw being Princesses, we wanted to be wizards. The first thing we did was get in Pluto’s line which did take quite some time. It was really hot, thank god I brought a sweat towel. Then we got in Marie’s line which wasn’t that long, Yay! She was so cute ❤ Immediately after we went to get our pictures taken in front of the pumpkins and the Castle before heading inside the theatre to see Tinkerbell. Her line wasn’t as long as Mickey’s but we’d already gotten him so we didn’t need to get him again. After Tink, we crossed the street to the firehall to be wizards. At the same time, there was this dancing parade going on that we didn’t get to see cause we were learning how to be wizards. But it’s a really fun card game that is just SUPER FREAKING COOL. You get cards, and a map and you use the cards to defeat villains. It’s really fun.

After we got our cards, we walked up to the castle and took a bunch of pictures. Right in front was this show that was about to start. It was so freaking hot that there was no way I was standing in the sun. So I went to hide in the shade while Connie filmed and took pictures. I still took pictures but they weren’t as good as hers.

Then we headed into Frontierland to do our first wizard quest. We had to defeat the Shadowman and save Tiana while getting the crystal piece. There was a lot of back and forth walking which was a pain, and it was still pretty hot. When we finished our first mission we headed to our first fast-pass, which was the Haunted Mansion ride. Thank god for fast-pass, and it’s free! Now, this is the second time a ride broke down on us, and it was almost at the end, why do rides break on us at the end…. Well the first ride that broke (Spiderman) broke like….in the middle. The Haunted Mansion ride broke at the end. But we didn’t have to wait very long for them to fix it.

Since we had a couple of minutes before the next parade, we decided to go looking for Tiana and Prince Naveen. Connie figured out where she was, but she was by herself, no Naveen. Boo!!! Right after we finished, we had to find a spot for the parade. Once again, Connie wanted to stand while I sat in the shade of my umbrella. Since I had nothing better to do I called my mom, just to let her know I was alive and such. The parade was really good and really long, and it sucks that I don’t have enough stamina to stand all day, but I still took photos which turned out pretty good. What was even more dumb was that the sun came AFTER the parade was over. Luckily, it was time for lunch, or rather early dinner!

IMG_2963We headed over to the castle to have early dinner (3:50pm) at Cinderella’s Royal Table. It was so fancy! We got to meet Cinderella and take pictures, and she even signed our books. Upstairs was so pretty and fancy, we got our pictures FOR FREE (an 8×10 and 4 4x6s). We got a really good view right by the window which was nice, and we also got fairy wands and wishing stars. So cute! ❤ The food was amazing, and the best part was some of the princesses came to our table!!! It was so crazy! We don’t have to wait in their lines to get their autographs! There was Snow White, Aurora, Ariel and Jasmine. I wish there were more but that was still a good surprise.

After dinner, we went around to Adventureland since we had to get on the Jungle Cruise, but we missed that ride, so we ended up going to our third ride which was Pirates of the Caribbean. Since we had time before we got on pirates, we found this Pirates adventure game, where you get a map and you find clues to find pirate treasure. There were 5 maps and we only got to do 3, I wanna find out what happens if you get all 5! So then we went on Pirates, did more maps and it was time to go find spots for the parade.

We went back to the main street and browsed the shop. Surprisingly, there wasn’t anything I wanted…not really. I’m going to be really pissed if certain things are parks only. Like the Tsum Tsums are only at Epcot. That would be so dumb…
We ended up not having good spots for the parade, and my feet hurt even though I rested a lot. It sucked so hard. And then we tried to find better spots for the fireworks and that didn’t go so well. But we stayed anyway. The fireworks were AMAZING though. I filmed as much as I could but then my battery died..It sucked.

The suckiest part of the night was that WE COULD HAVE MADE THE SHUTTLE BUS at Epcot back to the hotel, but we jumped the gun and called a taxi. That was the only thing we spent money on which was amazing! I was sad that we ended up spending taxi money because we had pretty much not spent money that day…. Oh well… At least we know for MGM/Hollywood Studios.


Taxi from Magic Kingdom to the Hotel $26



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